Maplestory M ATTEMPTING 25 EMBLEM SCROLLS?! – Fusion Friday Episode 72

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  1. Hi bro you could switch character easier using the icon on top, go into the icon settings scroll down and you can add 'change character' without having to go settings and account to change it. You have to add on all your alts for the first time or when you change a device. Hope this helps! Awesome content and always giving tips for f2p!

  2. 18 emblem scroll 0 passed for me .

  3. I only did 10 of my alts for the mentori event. respect ur 2 dozens of alts 😂

  4. Nice vid enjoyed it keep it up have a great 4th of July.

  5. how do you transfer you mythic from one character to another? i thought you cant transfer between without using scissors.

  6. Could use a video on how you actually started up with Maple M brother . It could have many F2P players

  7. always look forward for your bid!

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