Maplestory M First Impressions, is it worth Playing in 2020?!!

Hello guys in today’s video we check out our first mobile mmorpg! Don’t worry computer gamers this is still a mmorpg channel, but I wanted to talk about Maplestory M because of how good I thought it was from its first impression! Let me know what mobile games you guys play down below and if you play Maplestory m! Let me know what other content you would like to see on the channel! Remember to like, comment, and subscribe! Go down below and click on all of the links to be more involved in the community! I hope to see you around the community!

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  1. You could try Dofus Touch, it's a great mobile MMO that can be played on PC with a non emu program

  2. Hey brah,may I ask that how can play this game on my region? Something like in china? I don’t know how many countries are still not covered on GMS?

  3. Biggest most important question, how much p2w is it like its big brother on PC which is expensive asf.

  4. I quit MSM within 7-8 months of release at 170 BM. Grinding dailies on 5+ Alts and autoing for the entire day all day and getting maybe 1 level every 2-3 weeks it got old fucking quick. Even buying mesos before they cracked down on it for a mythic Jaihin bow first 3 months I was considered end game considering I got a Crit dmg emblem on my bow. Don’t fucking bother lol. Unless you want to dump tons of time or play emulator don’t bother its fun to hit like lvl 100-110 you’ll hit a wall fast and it’s literally weeks between levels which doesn’t change hardly anything.

  5. Shoutouts to lawless

  6. the community is very big for the asia version though

  7. My app always crash game 🙄🙄🙄 when I started open until 98% stop then crash game itself.

  8. A mobile MMO is going to be borderline f2p or very p2w. And if it does seem to be f2p, publishers figured out that over time once the population falls off in a couple months from launch day, they start adding p2w mechanics into the game. So it really depends on how much p2w the game endures after the grace period month. Also a lot of the f2p ones are older MMOs like Runescape, Adventure Quest and Villagers and Heroes, some borderline "ok" ones are Toram Online, Crusaders of Light, Dawn of Isles, and World of Kings, but then the newer ones usually ones that have flashy graphics animations and use UE4 are p2w eventually. like Lineage 2 Rev, Black Desert, Perfect World and Dragon Raja (though Dragon Raja and Black Desert is really fun for a p2w game)

  9. What server has more people?

  10. Nostalgia attack…… big fan of maple story.. I remember when I was in middle school … after the school days I’d run up stairs straight to my computer and play MS alllll day! Thanks to you .. now I have this feeling back . Keep up the great content! 🙂

  11. quick thing i just saw the intro:

    dont be scared of what people think of you, it is your channel you do what your heart desires.

  12. I gotta say, I really love your color-coded thumbnails. Makes it really ready to find videos for certain games.

    On that note though, the purple text is tough to read. Maybe put a white stroke on it to distinguish it from the background?

    I'm tried out M a bit and got to level 25, but decided I didn't like my class and couldn't decide on a new one. I was kinda put off by all the systems though. The progression mechanics seem really… messy? Or at least overwhelming.

    Also "on the mobile"
    Okay boomer 🙂

  13. Hey hey nice content! I'm now downloading MapleStory M 🙂 subscribed and I hope to see more good reviews!

  14. Auto battle kills it for me. You get good by just leaving the game open

  15. I think it’s worth getting to level 100 to see more content and skills. It’s a fun game to have on your phone and pull it out when you’re bored

  16. Great vid will try out maplestory now keep it up👍👍

  17. Great video ! Hope you keep playing would love to see more maple M

  18. "it feels smooth" clearly lagging 😂 i loved that

  19. Omg change the pov in settings ull see the huge different

  20. It's a good game but it's not balanced the right way but if you tried the Korean version it's just like the old pc version and it's better then the English version…QooApp is the asian app store if you want to try it out..

  21. Loved the review! This game is really under the radar, been playing it since launch. What server are you in? Look forward to more MapleM content!

    Tip: While auto battling and grinding maps (not auto quest), you can shut the whole app off and your character will just continue auto battling!

  22. Did you know each type has a different lore?
    Explorers, cygnus knights, the 6 heros have 6 different lores.

  23. 2:48
    Damn. Back when maplestory first started it was a UNIQUE armour box 🤣

  24. Yes it is. I have never played MS on desktop but the mobile version is worth playing

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