MAPLESTORY: Top 10 Unfunded Classes

Finally! An updated TOP 10 LIST! New Classes were added (except Hoyoung since he’s not out in GMS yet)! Psst you can watch this video in 4K 🙂

Credits to: DooPiano for the background piano tracks 🙂

– BEN (벤) – Can You Hear Me (내 목소리 들리니)
– Taeyeon (태연) – A Poem Titled ‘You’ (그대라는 시)
– HEIZE (헤이즈) – Can You See My Heart (내 맘을 볼 수 있나요)
– Gummy (거미) – Remember Me (기억해줘요 내 모든 날과 그때를)
– Paul Kim (폴킴) – So Long (안녕)

Credits to the following for the video clips:
– Petaryn (OUR AMAZING GUILD LEADER, but doesn’t have a YouTube channel)
– Whiyu:
– Fisted:
– seuldy:
– Influence MS:

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  1. Hi i wan to ask does shade need extreme funding to solo bosses? Or just minimum or unfunded is doable? Compare to other classes i mean. So far im having fun with adele minimum gear set let me solo RA without asking my friend to carry me daily. While my kanna still struggles. Now still getting my shade to lvl 200+. I wan to pick it as a main. Its worth to invest t he time with minimum/unfunded?

  2. xenon is actually really expensive to play due to the gears required.

  3. yo i cant decide between maining a DS or PF was previously a DA Main

  4. Took me some time to find this video again; I recently(3~4weeks ago) came back to maplestory with a group of irl friends but we stopped like.. a decade ago 😱 So tyvm for this video as I'm now a Lv.206 Kanna; she also has alot of utilities for her party for those who are undecided yet!

  5. Is Pathfinder still good? I want to switch from my wild hunter

  6. I'm thinking of starting to play the game, what do you recomend beyween a demon avenger and a kaiser?

  7. This game seems pretty boring, The fact that you just mob all The map with one or two op skills,no skill required to play this braindead game.

  8. Lmfao of course you're a dual blade. Like every maple youtuber. So unoriginal

  9. I started playing maplestory when there was only Victoria Island and orbis and stopped when big bang hit. So sad to see that the game i loved so much changed for the worse. 🙁

  10. what do you think about Buccaneer?It was my main before i quit maple (because of its cool super saiyan skill,too bad they changed it to 5th job)

  11. Great videoooo thanks
    Is this list stil up to date?

  12. Battlemage: "No final damage so your equips are more important"


  13. Idk what to make ;(
    Night Walker, Dual Blader, Phantom, Fire & Poison ? D;

  14. hey! new player here, rly stuck better DS and Ark, any suggestions? just looking for a class thats fun to mob/boss with — something chill with good looking skills

  15. Dual blade needs alot of funding?

  16. Is pathfinder still op after rise update?

  17. They use the power of pew pew hahahahahah XD

  18. This is great content!

  19. Pathfinders no need much funding? Why? Sorry I'm newbie long time didn't play MS.

  20. Hey, great video
    Is shade still great as an unfunded class?

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