Mega Drive Longplay [127] El Viento

Played by: Valis77

The game shares the same fictional universe with Earnest Evans, and happens several years later.
New York City, 1928. A mad religious leader known as Henry seeks to awaken the ancient and malevolent god Hastur. A sorceress named Restiana offers herself to Henry as a sacrifice for a cause which will bring the inevitable down fall of mankind.
There are some people that have descended from Hastur’s ancient bloodline, one of which is the young Peruvian sorceress, Annet Myer. With some assistance from Earnest Evans, Annet attempts to stop the cult from resurrecting Hastur using the very spells of this bloodline.

Before i had a love for the Valis Series this game main Character (annet Myer) was my first video game crush….I know it’s weird, there was a sequal but i never got it’s U.S. release.
As with many Wolf Team games, the music was composed by Motoi Sakuraba. The game possesses many references to H. P. Lovecraft’s esteemed Cthulhu Mythos. This is the second game of the series.


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  1. I cant remember any other Genesis games attempting those ridiculously-scaled sprites like the explosions and the huge octopus at 18:23. That was normally a SNES thing

  2. クトゥルフ神話をベースにかなりのキャラコマパターン主人公❗続編『アーネストエバンス』はメガCDで制作、その後の『アネット再び』はうーん⁉️(苦笑)皆口ゆう子ファンオススメ‼️

  3. 18min mark, assisted by Ecco the dolphin!

  4. El Viento is legendary with Spectacular graphics and ABSOLUTELY STUNNING gameplay

  5. Absolutely love this game! The presentation and setting are so unique and the focus on tough platforming and combat make it super addictive! A few things could be polished up but there's almost nothing else like it! Closest would be the Valis series but El Viento has a one up on it (at least the Genesis versions, even if 3 is pretty great)

  6. The superior game of the Earnest Evans trilogy, and crazy enough, it's the first game made of the 3 games. Odd how Al Capone got renamed to Vincent DeMarco for the western release.

  7. Someone knows why this game is called "El viento" which means "The wind" in Spanish?

  8. I want to call this game an underrated classic, but the game has too many grammatical errors (most likely the result of poor translation from Japanese to English) the button combination for dashing is awkward (why didn't the game designers just assign dash to double tapping the d-pad?) And the difficulty is sporadic. The tank boss will make you want to chuck your controller but most of the later bosses are a bunch of milk-toasts. I give the game a 7/10.

  9. I used to love playing this game as a child. But seeing that I remembered I was always stuck on the part where you have to put off the flames. Never knew about the water magic, I think.

  10. I can't pass the first stage 🙁

  11. Temples in Grand Canon, ok?

  12. A sequel to Earnest goes to anime

  13. I own this game! I'll never forget this game's odd combination of fantastic music and absolutely terrible sound effects.:D

  14. Love the game and good gameplay dude

  15. Am I the only one who got barfy once gameplay started? Damn the game looks interesting but theres no way i can play it.

  16. I love the character Restiana <3

  17. I do remember Nick Arcade featured this as one of the Video Challenge games, although it has been rarely picked (if at all).

  18. Sailor Moon is also dephs aleid for Megadrive in 2-player abacus Sailor Scouts overdrive.
    Sailor Moon and Sailor Venus is aleid Sega Genesis and SNES.

  19. superb game!! i'm starting to discover all these obscure but cool games 🙂

  20. I like to see some references to Cthulhu Mythos. I don't know but i think it was the first action game with references to Cthulhu Mythos.

  21. Basically one of the the essential Genesis titles.

  22. looks like msx without choppiness.

  23. no they did not I can assure you that game is also officially non cannon by this point

  24. wolfteam did not make that game

  25. what the use of the item with the timer (blue item on level 2)

  26. A sequel to Earnest Evans actually exists.

    Dead to Rights.

  27. They will never stop making it.

  28. I always love how everything just EXPLODES in the later stages.

    Yeah, it was common in games in the 90s, but it generally wasn't FULL-SCREEN exploding.

  29. @triplestar100 To be honest, the biggest problem wasn't the H-game itself, it was the fact that the H-games were terrible.

  30. @troysson81 I speak of Nick Arcade, an old Nickelodeon game show where the kids played video games. El Viento was often part of the selection, but never ever got played.

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