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Sup! Today we are checking out Wolfteam’s El Viento, a quirky but fun game on the Genesis.



Gikyokunosou By Motoi Sakuraba:

El Viento Enhancement Patch by M.I.J.E.T:
Rage Quitter 87’s El Viento Shrine & Channel:

Wolfteam Interview @Shmpulations:


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  1. This channel needs more subscribers

  2. Also Gainax. (Evangelion) did something in the game

  3. Wolfteam are the worst programmers to ever program a Genesis game. Just look at Dino Land. Then just listen to the music. Do not play Dino Land. Do listen to the music though.

  4. if you're into Sakuraba music, check out his other works like Star Ocean, Tales of (outside of Tales of Legendia), Golden Sun, Valkyrie Profile, and Shining The Holy Ark.

  5. Hello Friend! I wish that if possible you would ask me a question: Well, on the cover of El Viento Genesis version, there are two images of the game that are not of the same graphic and the top in the spells, there are 8 spells while in the game there are only 5. Where did those pictures come from? would be the original version of the game and then decided to adapt reducing the software?
    I've been carrying this curiosity since 1992 when I first saw that cover.

  6. The graphics are good on this one.

  7. Meus parabéns ao compositor das músicas do jogo "El Viento" São muito boas!
    Eu adoro aquela do final!!!!!!!

  8. Thanks for catching my interest in this game more lol.

  9. Fun fact: Sandy Petersen, the author of those 2 books you mentioned, was one of the level designers in Doom and Doom 2.

    Great review BTW. I gotta try this game out!

  10. Just found your channel via your request to Game Hut for the prototype footage. Great channel! Keep going, if you build it they will come! And that intro oh man, stellar stuff. Edit: it's the best channel intro on YouTube.

  11. I love your videos, but one thing that annoys me is in the intro were you say "welcome to the next level." it ruins the flow I feel.

    Keep up the great work!

  12. Nice job dude! Great review and I love that new intro :D.

  13. Nice job! In addition to the absence of PSG in music tracks, the YM2612 (FM) channel 1 is not used in the music as well, so the music is all done with just 5 FM channels! Same in other Wolfteam Mega Drive games like Earnest Evans and Sol-Deace.

  14. I'm glad you are giving more exposure to obscure games like this, El Viento deserves it. My favorite tracks are the one from the final boss and the ending (it's really melancholic and gives the game a meaningful but not so joyful end). Also, I think in the stage where you ride the dolphin is where you can extend your life the most if you repeat it at least once, when you destroy the final oil barrel go find some spikes and die, if you go past the barrel you reach a point of no return. Of course this is only viable if you have enough skill to complete the final stage without dying, those bats are no joke and make me wonder if they even bug fixed this stage because the little bastards spawn from anywhere and can even go through walls.

    I think that the worst game from the trilogy is Annet Futatabi, to me its only redeeming aspects were the cutscenes and the first stage's track.

    I'm starting to believe you have very good taste, we'll see if you disappoint me in the future… hahaha. You're doing a great job!

  15. Love the new intro! (Bonus points for using S.S.H's unparalleled Thunder Force IV cover!) I had a feeling this was coming once Dustin uploaded the soundtrack. Oh, and nice obligatory Wolfteam Clap reference.

    Never thought about playing El Viento until now! I watched some other review of this game a few months back, and after watching that, never even considered trying the game out. I don't know what it was (either the way he reviewed it, or the footage he used), but I never even had the slightest desire to play it. But after watching your review…dang! I don't want to sound too cheesy, but your reviews are very compelling. Before your Alien Soldier, Gunforce II, Gunstar Heroes, and El Viento reviews, I either knew nothing about those games, or had no desire to play them. Now I'm scrambling to find them on the cheap!

    It's so great to know there are people out there, like yourself, who take the time to give these random, forgotten games the attention and praise they deserve. This community is small, but honestly I kind of like it that way. You get to know people, and just generally nerd out. It's fun.

    And speaking of random, forgotten games that need attention, may I make a suggestion for your next video? Crusader of Centy: The Zelda Clone that some argue is actually better than Zelda! Never made it very far, but what I did play was amazing. Don't know if you're an adventure game type of guy, (you seem to eat, sleep, and breathe action games, so dunno if you play any other genres lol), but I think you should at least give it a shot.

    Keep up the great work!

  16. Awesome =D I love the soundtrack of this game ^^ Never got too far in the actual game though =P

  17. Aww man! Completely forgot about this one; gonna have to track down a copy. Great recap my dude!

  18. Loved the game when I was a child but unfortunately Ernest Evans is not as good as El Viento.
    Will try to get my hands on Annette Again since I love the Mega CD and I always hope to get more good games for that.

    Also, Motoi Sakuraba? Wow!

  19. Good video, I learnt a few things from this. The quote at 16:37 is interesting because he claims that the third game will feature a new character and be a side story. Neither of these things came true when Annet Futatabi was released.

  20. Just downloaded the rom, prices are insane. Gonna check this out, never paid any attention to this one before but it looks alright.

  21. Excellent choice of game and I think you did a great job, as is the case with your others, man!

  22. This is a very well made review for the obscure title. Things are getting better from here and I can tell.
    Keep er up!

  23. Wolfteam uses one of the bass instruments from the CUBE Sound Driver. That same applies to the Kick sample from Zero Wing that is used in this game.

  24. I see that u used a titan overdrive 2 clip from the demo:)

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