Micro Motion Coriolis Meter Characterization and Configuration using ProLink

Learn how to characterize and configure a Micro Motion Coriolis Meter using the Model 5700 flow transmitter and ProLink. By the end of the video, you will

• Know how to check the Coriolis meter status
• Understand how to characterize the flow meter
• Know how to configure the outputs
• Know how to save and load the Coriolis meter characterization and configuration

0:38 Connecting to the Flow Transmitter Service Port using ProLink
2:15 Characterizing the Coriolis Flow Meter
3:51 Configure Flow Arrow Direction
6:04 Configuring the Milliamp Output
7:00 Configure the frequency output for Frequency Output Source and Frequency Output Scaling
8:02 Saving and Loading Configuration

For the complete set of configuration instructions for your Coriolis meter, please refer to your specific flow transmitter’s configuration and use manual.

For the Model 5700’s configuration and use manual, click here:

To learn more about Coriolis meters for mass volume and density measurement and the Coriolis flow meter principle, visit:

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  1. what is definition of factors? like D1, D2 , K1, K2…..

  2. Need a demonstration video for flow measurement setup on specific fluid.

  3. Hot to simulate coriolis flow meter by local display or using by Hart communicator? Kindly give me answer as soon as possible.Because communicator is not communicating.

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