NBA CLUTCH FREE THROWS Made By Bad Free Throw Shooters

Luck or Clutch?!
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  1. Why can't Ben Wallace shoot like that all the time???? 🤣

  2. Rockets were so clutch against the thunder they were clutch with free throws like 3 or 4 games

  3. Iggy isn't that bad, he's like 71%

  4. iguodala is a bad ft shooter?

  5. Omg thunder almost everytime!

  6. I am a Kings fan as well!

  7. 2:42 Look like a 2k character.

  8. come on bruh Andre ain't that bad

  9. 1:02 Draymond tried to kick Adams in the nutz

  10. scholarship organization emotion therapist club flag liability cry script controversial.

  11. a lot of Andres are poor ft shooters. that's weird.

  12. Why were they mostly on OKC

  13. How about clutch free throws missed by good free throw shooters (85% +)

  14. How could ben Simmons be recognized as the best rookie what the actual fuck dudes been slacking and playing like shit

  15. That Andrei igoudala was nerve wrecking I was watching it live on TV lol crazy how he can shoot 3's but struggles around the freethrow line

  16. When they say Westbrook it John wall or rose can’t shoot, what they mean is that they’re just bad shooters. But I mean Simmons is just flat out incapable of shooting a jumper

  17. What about shaq finals game 6 vs dallas

  18. what happened to 3peat shaq hitting clutch free throws

  19. Simmons looks like NBA 2k25 Ben Simmons will look like 😂💯

  20. Your so fucking stupid you put the song gods plan on as your intro that’s the stupidest shit ever

  21. When I was watching that game and Iggy was up at the line I was worried, but he hit them clutch free throws!

  22. 2:39 I thought this was 2k 😂

  23. Nene is not that bad of a free throw shooter though

  24. Zalmost every single one is okc

  25. That's why poeple said Simmons was like LeBron… bad shooter

  26. Iguodala's free throw is so high arcing. That's the problem lebron has.

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