NBA Game Winning Free Throws

There is Game winning shots but there is game winning free throws they are unnotice because they are boring but they determine games and helps decide who wins and who dosent. Here are the shots

James Harden game winning free throw

Nene game winning free throws
Lance Thomas game winning free throws
Darren collision game winning free throws
Kevin love game winning free throws
Serge ibaka game winning free throws
Toney douglas game winning free throws
Jimmy butler game winning free throws

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  1. Great Video!!! Can You Pin?

  2. did you say hey, that’s pretty good or that was a meme

  3. 2:41 billy donovan looks sooooooo mad

  4. Lol I love how James Harden is on the thumbnail when it says “Free Throws” lol 😂😂

  5. Conveniently they’re almost all home games

  6. 999k views 999k likes

  7. So close to 1 mil views keep it up💪💪

  8. If only Jr could have done that

  9. #ClickBaited

  10. Hey you should make every rookie dunk

  11. that second game chi vs phi was low scoring

  12. Did I just tell Trevor holt I’m a virgin

  13. I have left the chat

  14. Look up "Paul lee game winning free throws vs china"

  15. Well i can tell lebron clearly wont be in this video

  16. Do game winning and-1’s

  17. james harden all game … lol 38pts/37pts on freethrow

  18. My coach says : free throws make all the difference

  19. 3:05 your watermark blocked the scores

  20. the description gave me brain cancer omf..

  21. Love the fist pump from love 😂

  22. Wish you showed more of the fouls

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