Never miss another free throw!? In today’s video, Coach Rock from ILoveBasketball TV will share some shooting tips with you that will help you shoot a basketball better from the free throw line! Free throws are crucial if you want to become a big time scorer. All the best scorers at every level can get to the free throw line often and shoot a very good percentage. This video will help you out with shooting the actual free throws.

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  1. I got embarrassed in front of my whole school I air balled A TWO POINTER,I'm a huge curry fan,and when it comes to ball he's my idol,he has this spark its different like its like lightning instead of fire, I wanna have that spark too,so I have to perfect my jumpshots 3's and most importantly accuracy.

  2. Does this work for three pointers or is it bad?

  3. I don’t know but I shoot low and shoot it with an arch and it just drops in. Plus I don’t shoot it in the middle. The ball is in the middle but my body is slightly to the left

  4. The 5th Quater lol lmao

  5. Im starting to just do my jumpshot just no jump and use my hips.

  6. Thank you
    I just had a game and only scored 1/6

  7. I’m watching this cuz I shot 47/100 at the line in my practice

  8. Ive found that having very similar form to Stephen Curry's is so much more comfortable consistent and deadly. Im dramatically changing my shooting percentage this week. Also I always work on handles before I shoot everyday so that helps too. Couldnt do it without you Coach Rock and Colin Castelaw. Im just struggling with in game shots now. That was my problem in the 3 games I played today

  9. I'm completely new to basketball this is really helpful

  10. this video was very helpful, but i’m not sure how to elevate my elbow or release correctly when shooting a free throw. because i have my rhythm but every time i do a free throw it’s an air ball. so is it because i’m not strong enough? or my height? (i am 5’0) or my legs? my coach says it’s okay to jump when doing a free throw, but i don’t think that is helping at all. i think i need arch and height in my shot..

  11. I can shoot freethrows because I have a lot of time in my hands… But I dont shoot jump shots very well…

  12. Nice video, this will really help out

  13. Thanks for the video I have a basketball game tonight and I needed to watch a video for me to always make free throws because I always get fouled by the team that I am going against and you only have the best video because the other ones they dont help me enough but this video helps me enough

  14. I have been shooting 100 free throws a day, I really need some work, I shoot around 53% 🙁

  15. Do you teach kids in middle school? I would love to get a lesson from you!

  16. The audio sounds weird for some reason

  17. Hey coach rock, why am I suddenly forgetting my shot rhythm the next day? Like, I always forget what I did to get comfortable with my shot.

  18. Bro your jumpshot footwork made me a true shooter in a week.

  19. My mom doesn't want to pay money but I reliably done so can you put it for free because you already said it's free

  20. I really lonely doll by my mom doesn't want to pay money to train

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