New Software Update for Samsung Galaxy Smartphones – What's New? (One UI Home Screen Update)

Samsung Galaxy S20, S10, S10 Plus, Note 10 and 10 Plus get a brand new software update for the home screen. Let’s dive in and see what kind of new improvements and features we have received on the One UI Home Screen.

Only certain regions and countries will get this one particular new feature.

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  1. Hey Saki where can i find that beach wallpaper? Cheers

  2. you can turn this feature on in the homescreen settings, Home screen settings -> App icon badges, -> TURN ON Notification on app icons.

  3. Hi Sakitech i have the update for the call notification

  4. This update is also on the s9

  5. Hey Saki, sorry it is an out of the way query, but if you can please help, it would be great.

    In order to activate that our lock screen wakes up automatically om every notification, do we still need to use edge lighting fix application or there is some official update from samsung for the same? Please advise

  6. it works for whatsapp and many other apps.

  7. I got this feature update.
    My phone is Note 9 international with OneUi 2.1.

  8. good morning . my Note 9 software has not updated , I'm still on Dec 1, Security patch One UI 1.0 , Android 9, please help , will I get Android 10

  9. I'm a huge fan of Samsung products but they really need to stop with all of this crap! All Samsung devices should have the same chipset, Snapdragon or exynos… At this point I don't care but same for everyone and all updates should be the same… What's up with that? Cause they seem to develop amnesia when it comes to pricing the phones at pretty much the same 🤦🏾‍♂️

  10. Saki do you recommend going with the Galaxy S series or Note Series for the next phone? I like that the galaxy S series is usually first to get the fancy SOC updates etc. Where as on the note you're getting a 6month old SOC However the note has the Spen which I like.

  11. Damn dudes gotta jump through hula hoops to get a UI update

  12. I've got note 9 and it has the feature. Amd you dismiss by swiping. The same goes to messages when you have message.

  13. Thanks for these vids!!

  14. Whats the name of the font from the S20 in the middle?

  15. This update is for all one ui 2.0 phones btw

  16. I also got this update in india

  17. I can see the UPDATE when I'm going through the Home Screen Settings but it's not available anymore once it's forwarding me to the Galaxy Store. 😑

  18. One thing I noticed when using handwriting input for texts etc is that the blank area for writing in has gone and now you write pretty much anywhere you wish on the screen instead.

  19. It's available on as well..

  20. Wasn't that always there? I could always see notifications of that certain app when holding down on it. I had it long ago. That you can turn on in the icon badge settings.

  21. Hey everybody has that update, but to see those missed calls, just hold the phone icon like did but don't clear your missed call notifications. You can see that the missed call notification is not cleared in the notification bar from the sender.

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