Ninja Brian (PRE-GRUMP) Mentionings

Before Brian became an official Grump, this was pretty much what all lovelies knew of him from stories told on Game Grumps.

These episodes are ordered by the date they were uploaded.

This is also most likely not every single moment he was mentioned on the show, but I tried my hardest to find as many as I could!

Soo I guess if you happen to come across a moment where he’s mentioned on an episode not shown here, I encourage you to comment with the video and include the timestamp. But remember to only share it if the episode was uploaded before Nov. 5, 2015 (AKA Brian’s first appearance on the show)!

Feedback is also super appreciated! I might make another one of these in the future, who knows?~

Here’s a list of the episodes in order:
0:00 Banjo Kazooie – Part 5:
1:00 Castle Crashers – Part 12:
1:18 Castle Crashers – Part 13:
2:50 Space Quest IV – Part 14:
6:43 Space Quest IV – Part 15:
10:17 Super Mario Sunshine – Part 18:
11:13 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles:
11:53 Pokemon FireRed – Part 22:
16:40 Pokemon FireRed – Part 28:
20:34 Shadow of the Colossus – Part 20:
20:58 The Goonies II – Part 7:
21:35 Wind Waker HD – Part 52:
22:30 We Love Katamari – Part 9:
28:27 BurgerTime:
29:16 Pokemon FireRed – Part 99:
31:16 Pokemon FireRed – Part 101:
32:25 Super Mario 64 – Part 8:
33:23 Super Mario 64 – Part 14:
34:27 Super Mario 64 – Part 41:
37:49 The Munchables – Part 4:
40:14 Bloodborne – Part 51:
42:18 Bloodborne – Part 64:
44:12 Super Mario Galaxy – Part 8:
46:29 Sonic Adventure DX – Part 10:
50:19 Super Mario Galaxy – Part 10:
52:29 Sonic Adventure DX – Part 16:
53:22 Super Mario Galaxy – Part 16:
57:52 Super Mario Galaxy – Part 20:
58:29 Sonic Adventure DX – Part 22:
59:24 Super Mario Galaxy – Part 32:
1:00:57 Super Mario Galaxy – Part 33:
1:01:12 Space Camp:
1:02:00 Super Mario Galaxy – Part 35:
1:03:43 Sonic Adventure DX – Part 38:
1:06:24 Super Mario Galaxy – Part 44:
1:08:02 Super Mario Galaxy – Part 46:
1:08:57 Super Mario Galaxy – Part 75:
1:09:26 Our New Show – STEAM TRAIN!:


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  1. 41:36 (I’m from philly) We use the term jeaun for literally ANYTHING. The word can replace any noun.

  2. we need the samurai abstinence patrol

  3. Ironic that the Ninja doesn't believe in chakras

  4. I almost spit potato out when Ninja Brian was peeking slowly though the doorway.

  5. We need "things will never be the same" on the next nsp album.

  6. 41:04 Te way Arin says "Does He Really?" is the perfect reaction for that whole bit

  7. I bet I can eat more pancakes than you… Sounds like a song based on terrible pick up lines

  8. The song title "did I fucking say you can stop partying?" Sounds like the title of a song where you fallow a college student who likes to party but gets stopped every time he tries to do his homework in the music video.

  9. Why does sonic have the naruto run?

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    The answer is yes, this is sexual harassment. Sally was uncomfortable that two other classmates were talking about that sort of thing. Even if it’s a joke and not directed at her, it still made her uncomfortable and the situation then turned into sexual harassment.

    I learned all of this in my health class and it’s actually very helpful to know. Also you don’t have to be a woman to experience sexual harassment. Here’s another situation.

    Dave was at a bar with his friend. Girls nearby started to whistle and catcall him. At first he liked the attention because he felt special. But when the girls kept whistling at him, he began to feel uncomfortable. He went over and told the girls to stop but they wouldn’t. Is this sexual harassment?

    The answer is yes. Just because at first he liked the attention doesn’t mean that it isn’t sexual harassment. He started to feel uncomfortable and he girls would not stop at his request.

    So there’s a little lesson on sexual harassment. There IS a lot more that goes into but here is a basic understanding. Stay safe. ❤️

  10. genetically modified organism and yes it can be bad for you depending on what the organism is mixed with

  11. "Neither one of us is gay" yyyeeetttttttt you guys made the song "If We Were Gay"

  12. I'm glad Jon is not on the show anymore, not just because he's a raceist but also just because he's not a good comic or fit for Egoraptor.

  13. Why not do a song named: "Journey Of ninja brian and danny sexbang" and having for lyrics each and every rejected titles of NSP songs ?

  14. lol, and then Danny and Ross never worked together again

  15. Let's hope Audrey never sees the beej

  16. What do Brian and Barry do now? I never see them on grumps anymore

  17. god. the fanfiction thing is probably the truly angriest we've seen him on Game Grumps

  18. I feel dumb now because for the longest time, I confused Brian for Barry and thought they were the same person

  19. Bojack Horseman stole their Dr Hu joke!

  20. I forgot about the fanfiction. XD XD I am dead.

  21. But ninja brain and regular brain are two separate entities, how could this be?!

  22. I fuckin LOVED Banjo and Kazooy

  23. Does anyone know if there are any mentions of Ross before he started. Because I can't imagine that Arin had never mention him ever.

  24. "Public Masturbation Is So Much Fun It Should Be Illegal"

  25. I miss Steam Train and Grump Cade.

  26. Arins Impressions of brian always remind me of Soos from Gravity Falls

  27. would it be awkward if NSP and StarBomb did a battle of the bands thing?

  28. that nsp song cookies has the Four Horsemen of the rockpocalypse

  29. " I see you'r already hard (winked Brian). Good, you'll be needing that". I almost died of laughter, holy shit

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