Nintendo Game Boy Advance 369 Games Multi Cart…. No Repeats Is A Lie!

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases from links posted in my description & comments section. The 369 in 1 no repeats GBA multi cart is a lie. Let’s take a look at one of the most popular Game Boy Advance multicarts around.

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  1. i got the same Gameboy as you

  2. Can this game be connected to pokepal park in diamond or pearl

  3. “No repeat is a lie”

    What did you expect? The DS versions do that too, they usually just focus on the first 20 or so games because they’re the most popular, they don’t expect anyone to want to play each and every individual game in the cartridge because most of them are just based off of either a movie or just games that aren’t that popular to recognize.

  4. Rom file anyone? 🥺👉👈

  5. Does this work on gameboy micro?

  6. Does this multicart have Mario kart advance?

  7. Does anyone know if this runs on any type of ds?

  8. Will this work on a DS lite?

  9. I think they named some Donkey Kong 1,2 and 3 but it doesn’t specify which ones smh

  10. What are the official GB games?

  11. Is there any good multicart? I need one…

  12. Question 1 does it save question 2 how do you check your GBA version

  13. 3:30 "Now that is a bold-faced lie!" … Well i guess i expected that, coming from CHINA

  14. I have a few of those I got at a garage sale, they all have repeats just changing the name or patching the code so the same game has different sprites. One doesn’t boot, the console behaves as there’s nothing in the slot. Dead as a dodo.

  15. This guy sounds like Danny devito

  16. If that's a Chinese product….then …..

  17. Wait a minute, I thought the original gba did not have a back light? Thats why I traded mine in for an sp?

  18. You did the same thing to your Gameboy I did

  19. The cart does have a ton of duplicates and on occasion you will have a game that’s corrupted and will always freeze at the same spot. With that said I still get my money’s worth with what does work & I still recommend it. Keeps me from carrying multiple carts when out and about.

  20. This is exactly what I don't like about Nintendo. They will not put a compilation of their classic NES or SNES games on a cartridge, yet Sega has done so several times. No, you gotta PAY for that crap on your Switch.

  21. eh, on a smaller screen will make the nes games look better

  22. The only reason I want this for Pokémon

  23. Can it keep multiple Pokémon Safes at once?

  24. Has this Cartridge Battery inside?

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