Nintendo Multi Game Cartridge – 1200 in 1 – Massive Retro Collection

Nintendo / NES / Famicom / 8-bit / Multi Retro Game Collection / Mario / Zelda / Kirby / Video Games / Retro Gaming / Review

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  1. I have a 111 in 1 famicom multicart. It came with an odd penguin shaped console called "power games".

  2. Way back probably around 1991 I got a 31 games in 1 cart for my nes. I exchanged it for 2 games: fantasy zone (tengen) and
    Ljn’s X-men game. The title of your video made me realize that I’ve had that cartridge for 23 years! The cart still plays!

  3. Yes I would buy it .I like muti games when I can get a good deal on them . playing them is awesome sometimes you'll find game on them that would cost alot of money to get one game on it .

  4. It's time for the cartridge from the 90's! 😁😁😁

  5. These things are never ending huh? Holy crap!!

  6. I'd pick it up as a cheap collectible to be honest. 😀

    Have you seen this?

    It might be a handy way to get a ton of NES games for your retro console.

  7. Momma Mia it's a multi cart from the 90s

  8. Depending on the price I would pick one up.

  9. "Big fat B.S." the wicked comment of the day

  10. 1200 = 15 in Chinese😂
    I don't think it's a 90s cart for some reason.
    Nope not for me 👎 ☹️

  11. massive, but no, i wouldn’t pick it up, as i love looking for original games

  12. Oi tudo bom muito massa o seu vídeo

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