No Comment Athletics 5
#NoCommentAthletics #NoCommentAthleticsSeries
No Comment Athletics is Athletic Video Trailer Series with NO COMMENTARY
Creator: Blue Tv Sportrs

Znamensky Memorial 2019 Trailer
You Can find All the Results of the Event Here:

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  1. Why are the athletes wearing thongs to race in, is there no standard of dress?

  2. they might as well go full nude events

  3. Kakapo xaroshaya de Osaka!

  4. Random guy:why do you watch women sports all the time
    Me: casually nutting it's intertaning

  5. Why only girls were this type of bra panty in sports ground????🤔

  6. You must have had a reason for this video! what was it?

  7. After seeing only fat fugly feminists, I almost forgoet how real women look like

  8. Why the hell was everybody complaining about the comments?

  9. And the purpose of this video is?????

  10. For "athletics," this vid sure doesn't show any actual contests.

  11. they sure would kill your schlang under 10 seconds

  12. tomboys are the best…..they appreciate it when you paint them up and dress em cute….the fukk them silly….

  13. 1:04 bottom left your welcome

  14. I never understood why some of their shorts are basically panties. I imagine compression short shorts are better than basically getting a wedgie when you run

  15. You represent the women latest fashion in the world and I love it. ❤️❤️❤️ #OntimeEdu

  16. Respect the cameraman boyz..

  17. We'll be seeing a line of muffs stuck up in the air soon when they take of


  19. I understood this sports scene when I looked into a full matchbox.

  20. These beautiful ladies have nothing to do with the cyborgs we had seen during the '70s and '80s.

  21. I'd like to crawl in a corner now weeping in the fetal position…

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