Peeing Pup Game By Hasbro – Pass The Pup Don't Get Wet!

Item provided by Hasbro for review

Hey everyone! I have played this at Christmas for a large family party and everyone had fun with this, even the adults. It was just fun watching people get wet and waiting for the dog to bark. The petting is for show and does not effect the pup. There is no sensor there. The game is all based on timing and how long you pass it around. There is a healthy stream of water that sprays out. Remember each time he shoots his water, you have to reset his tail. Once someone gets sprayed they are out and the game continues.

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  1. Hey everyone. Hope you are enjoying your school break for winter! This turned out to be a fun game o play at a party.

  2. R Kelly has made his mark on children’s toys .

  3. Hey it's been a while since I've watched you and I just wanted to say thank you, you were literally the only thing I watched back when I was young so I'm back to support you

  4. How much dose the game cost

  5. A pretty sick April Fool's prank would be filling it with random animal urine and playing with it.

  6. Graduations !!, You got more subscribers than fusion z Gamer

  7. first comment first like! i like pee!

  8. By a healthy squirt do you mean say a teaspoon or tablespoon or more like an 1/8 a cup? Just wondering.

  9. I been watching for years, this is one game I am sooooo buying it looks like a ton of fun

  10. I'm quite early!

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