(PS1) PERFECT WEAPON. Walkthrough Part 1

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PERFECT WEAPON. by ASC GAMES.9 0ld Kings Highway So. 1994

The Story

Captain Blake Hunter, Earth Command Defense Force’s Top Agent and
world champion martial artist, has seen it all and beat them all.
A man transported into an unfamiliar dimension without cause or reason.
is the enemy unaware of Blake’s exceptional skills or was he hand-picked because them?
Blake is now facing the fight of his life and facing it alone. While he doesn’t
know what lurks in the world that surrounds him, he does know one thing the
ultimate battle is the one you fight alone.

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  1. If anyone likes Mortal Kombat and is a glutton for punishment, there's a hack for this game called Quan Chi Mythologies 😂 GL!

  2. I still have original box version of this game and I have nothing but great memories about this. Top nostalgia for me. Feels like Im 7 again playing this game during the Christmas. But I agree that camera and controls were clunky.

  3. This game is such a piece of shit. I'd rather play Big Rigs. At least that game's good for a laugh.

  4. Not sure what made me come here today but I remember not getting pass the 1st level

  5. The only saving grace this game had was its music. Way to cool for this game….

  6. He sounds like Batman😂😂😂

  7. i remember this games very well , its was very hard , dark souls easy game if you compare it with this one

  8. Nobody can honestly say this was a good game. Lets face it, its the time in our life that it reminds us of that we are celebrating.

  9. I finished this game as a 10 year old and never touched it since. I even own the original disc. Must play it again some day. I remember I loved Jean Claude Van Damme at this time when I played this for the first time and imagined him in everyting I played 🙂 Including this. Its almost 25 years back to the past. Feels like it was yesterday. Thanks for this my friend.

  10. I rented this when it came out and absolutely despised it. Especially with how painstakingly slow he moved.

  11. I was about 10 I tried playing the game about 20 times because I liked the opening monologue but never could bring myself to get past the first stage.

  12. You gotta be pretty badass to beat a wolf in a fist fight.

  13. I remember playing this game when I was little. The starting level and the absolute tank controls made sure I never played more than 10 mins. But my brother actually got far into the game, never knew if he finished the game though. Gaming in the 90's was quite the experience.

  14. I utterly hate this game lol

  15. I wish they would make a new Perfect Weapon

  16. Dude thats some pretty weird dogs..

  17. I have been looking for this game so long literally like more then a decade i watched a 5 hour video that showed every ps1 game ever made just to learn of its name again like many others i also remember playing it as a kid and how ungodly hard it was which is why i wanted to take up the challenge yet again and finally finished some long unfinished business with me and this game!

  18. had this game as a kid and just remember finding it really hard to turn and having no idea what to do lmao

  19. I could never beat this fucking game. It confused me like why the fuck was his health going down all the time. Th3 beat was fire doe

  20. I'm going to make a channel and play this game!! This game is so fucking funny it ROCKs !! The sound effects are priceless…….He dropped kicked a damn wolf 🐺 for crying out loud.lol

  21. this game looks way too fast paced for me

  22. The Intro Sounds brings lost memorys back.

  23. Lo tuve… Lo disfruté… Me gustó… Me lo robaron :'(

  24. The worst game I've ever played! and to think as a kid I saved up £20 to buy this piece of crap.

  25. this game was nice, music was def a plus, n how it would change from when u'd go in and out of combat, yah some may complain on the controls, but aye some things just taking getting used to, once u got the hang of this game, n even practiced some of the moves, it was really fun n challenging. def a hidden gem for the ps1.

  26. I guess Jeff Speakman had nothing to do with this game huh?!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. I remember hitting air most the time and not the actual enemies. Haha

  28. This game is nothing short of awful what an embarrassment.

  29. This was the first game my father bought for me i remember being impressed by the graphics and sound!! but the control was to hard for me and i was too yound

  30. There is a massive easter egg in this game that is undiscovered……well, I discovered it and I discuss it in a vid on my page.

  31. I really really really want someone to remake this game… and fully change the gameplay in full would help it.

  32. I remember renting this game from Blockbuster as a kid and not being able to get past the 1st level. I took it back the same day.

  33. The memories…I got seduced by the front art and the back cover stating "over 100 martial arts moves". It was a birthday gift that I told my mom to get me when I was 11. The terrible controls made me sell it to buy a used NBA Jam Extreme, which I later traded for Rival Schools. Probably the only time I ever sold a gift…Still feel bad about it.


  35. I had this game. "No Way" and the first stage made me never play it again.

  36. that music kicked in kinda sick tho…

  37. This game suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucked…

  38. OH MY GAWD. a tank controlled beat'em'up?? 

  39. I had a dream about this game a few days ago and I've only just found it, was driving me nuts trying to remember it lol

  40. I remember being so disappointed playing this game at Christmas time. 🙁

  41. by far the hardest game I've ever played on PS

  42. this is probably the hardest game I've ever played 

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