(PS1) PERFECT WEAPON. Walkthrough Part 10 Final

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PERFECT WEAPON. by ASC GAMES.9 0ld Kings Highway So. 1994

The Story

Captain Blake Hunter, Earth Command Defense Force’s Top Agent and
world champion martial artist, has seen it all and beat them all.
A man transported into an unfamiliar dimension without cause or reason.
is the enemy unaware of Blake’s exceptional skills or was he hand-picked because them?
Blake is now facing the fight of his life and facing it alone. While he doesn’t
know what lurks in the world that surrounds him, he does know one thing the
ultimate battle is the one you fight alone.

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  1. When i first got a ps1 i got this game the controls were hard in this. I'm shocked you actually had the patience to see this through, cause i was done with this a few days after i got it.

  2. thanks for playing it through! I've been searching for this game for years. had an obscure childhood memory of it and nothing else to go off of. finally found the game and wanted to watch the ending. crazy nostalgia.

  3. I was a toddler when this game dropped and loved it before I had any concept of gaming! The sound of enemies dying is iconic enough to bring me back over 20 years later to relive the nostalgia. 8)

  4. I assume he teleport to some shelter and dancers Duke style

  5. I got Perfect Weapon on PC Compact Disc, how I adore that game. Today Beat'Em Up genre has died unfortunately.

  6. So when's perfect weapon 2?

    No, but really, my dad swore this was the best game ever and played it a million times for years, I think it's still around in the house, one of the few he'd never trade in I guess.

  7. It's cute how they thought this game would produce a sequel.

  8. looks and plays like 8lbs of shark shit in a 2 pound bag

  9. That was it for the ending??

    Still a fun game, you played like a pro! ^_^

  10. You can get the game cheap on eBay.

  11. I know right, who is Gothic anymore lol. Has anyone ever went out for Halloween? It is a damn costume nothing more.

  12. Oh so that was my mistake. I just couldn't beat the last boss at all. I literally kicked the shit out of him and he wouldn't die. I absolutely loved this game. With all of its flaws and glitches you learned to work with it and have a lot of fun with this game. Seriously one of my most favorite games of all time

  13. Ok. Thanks for the help. Now i need to look for that game and finally beat it hehehehehe

  14. You have to defeat a certain number of enemies, and collect their power, in order to defeat the final boss.

  15. I played this once.. but i never managed to damage the boss no matter how many kicks i use. Was i doing something wrong?

  16. Well, not me. My channel is getting a lot of attention because of this game.

  17. this game was cool. i picked it up for 5 bucks for pc.

  18. i remember i had got rid of this game real quick i thought at the time that maybe since i'm making that change from snes and genesis to ps1 maybe these control setups are to much of a hassle but seeing this again i came to realize that this game just wasn't for me.

  19. Check out the old reviews….and who the fuck is Gothic anymore? lol

  20. I think you just aren't good enough to play it. You're used to eye candy and cardboard cut outs that do it all for you.

  21. Guy this game is not just bad, it is EPIC in its badness.

  22. To this day when I play a game and think "what a piece of shit"…I think of this game lol.

  23. You got it, and you know what else? Yes, the game has it's flaws, but overall it's pretty imaginative. It's not perfect, it's just different and has a feel unto it's own. Good luck and I hope you enjoy it.

  24. then you my friend have gained my respect thus in return i will give perfect weapon a chance and actually play through it

  25. Final Fight, excellent game

  26. im 25 and i dont play cod i barely even play my ps3 or wii or xbox im a retro gamer with rpg games being my favorite genre so try again answer this simple question. WOULD YOU RATHER PLAY PERFECT WEAPON OR FINAL FIGHT? if you answer wrong then you sir are not a gamer

  27. Are you fucking high? I've been playing games before there was video games so don't fucking tell me shit. I know this game inside and out before all your COD fanboys infested the fucking internet. I've been a gamer longer then you've been a fucking fetus.

  28. obviously you are not a gamer

  29. the last boss was 0bama the gay communist. *lol*

  30. The guy who punches you at the beginning, is the final boss of the game
    The ending is lame, it looks like they throw it together at the last minute

  31. this game was incredible and very unique. it's had it's issues but was so fun to play.

  32. perfect weapon my ass hopping around like a fucking idiot smh

  33. this game is a piece of SHIT

  34. i wish they would remake this game

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