(PS1) PERFECT WEAPON. Walkthrough Part 2

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PERFECT WEAPON. by ASC GAMES.9 0ld Kings Highway So. 1994

The Story

Captain Blake Hunter, Earth Command Defense Force’s Top Agent and
world champion martial artist, has seen it all and beat them all.
A man transported into an unfamiliar dimension without cause or reason.
is the enemy unaware of Blake’s exceptional skills or was he hand-picked because them?
Blake is now facing the fight of his life and facing it alone. While he doesn’t
know what lurks in the world that surrounds him, he does know one thing the
ultimate battle is the one you fight alone.

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  1. Good videos to a crappy game. Even at 2x the speed, this game is slow.

  2. I personally liked the song of the first stage. is that weird? lol

  3. Jeff Speakman aint got nothin on him lol

  4. Hey brother, I have been around when there was no consoles at all. I was around when all games had was problems, and while this may sound strange to you, you learned to overcome them and move forward in the game. Did this game have issues? You bet they did. Was this game hard? You bet it was. Was it frustrating? It absolutely was. I come from a generation that worked through the problems and issues the games came with, because they were normal, but we enjoyed them just the same

  5. Are you like a masochist or something. You had no clue where to go in it. No type of explanation, Crappy button input and hit detection,invisible undeveloped textures that block you from moving. No map or sense of direction, A time limit on how long you can live.

  6. This game was actually one of my very favorite games of all time. Despite the little flaws, this game to me was so great. I loved it. Thank you for posting this, I subscribed for your simple effort of putting something so special like this up.

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