(PS1) PERFECT WEAPON. Walkthrough Part 4

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PERFECT WEAPON. by ASC GAMES.9 0ld Kings Highway So. 1994

The Story

Captain Blake Hunter, Earth Command Defense Force’s Top Agent and
world champion martial artist, has seen it all and beat them all.
A man transported into an unfamiliar dimension without cause or reason.
is the enemy unaware of Blake’s exceptional skills or was he hand-picked because them?
Blake is now facing the fight of his life and facing it alone. While he doesn’t
know what lurks in the world that surrounds him, he does know one thing the
ultimate battle is the one you fight alone.

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  1. I hate this game but it bring me some memories of my childhood I miss my family I wish I can go back in time 😭

  2. haha i guess i should have emphasized the word "walk". I was saying that it would be nice if you "ran" more. But it's all good, it was just a funny observation. Thanks for bringing the memories back!

  3. You have to walk everywhere to fine all of the power-ups

  4. dude just because it's a "walkthrough", doesn't mean that you literally have to walk EVERYWHERE. geeze im pulling my hair out. lol glad its at least posted i suppose.

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