PT 2. Shane Van Boening / Plays Golf @ Hard Times / Oct 2012

Please watch: “Matthew ‘Stinger’ Webber w POV Pool – Oct, 2015”


Part 2 of 4 = Shot by: Daniel Busch

After “Pool Gods Play” event at Hard Times. Late night pool action:
Shane plays ‘golf’ game.

Can you guess who he is playing?

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  1. Very odd game, but a somewhat engaging…

  2. Wow. This is totally different than the golf we play. For us, each player has a set of their own balls; a solid for a cue ball, and a stripe for the object ball. The object being to hole out your stripe in each hole, just like real golf. BUT….we put penalty skittles on each spot, and snooker reds on the center of each rail as obstacles. With 8 players (16 balls) on the table, and the reds getting knocked all over the place, players trying to obstruct other players lines with the balls, and the skittles (white 10 stroke penalty, and the black skittles 25 strokes penalty) terrifying to even go near. Plus with every stroke you are over another player at the end is a dime, one bad shot could cost you like $25! It's one of the most nerve racking, and exciting to watch snooker table games ever!

  3. TheEnneagram- I think you might be missing they're playing 'golf' on a snooker table. The old guys here at my local pool hall are always playing golf on the snooker table way in the back. To me, it's pretty boring.

  4. Either I'm missing something or else these guys really suck on this table.

  5. someone shoot the fuckin camera man. I think im having an siezure

  6. what are they playing for?

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