Quarth Game Boy Review

Quarth is one of my favorite hidden gems for the Original Gameboy. Originally released as an arcade machine and Famicom cartridge in Japan, Konami then ported the game to the Game Boy and released it in the West. So in this video, we are going to be taking a look at this unique puzzle game 30 years later.


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**This Video is for Educational and entertainment purposes**


Music Used:

Quarth MSX Remix by David Mathews the Block Hole.

The Theme form the block hole.

Quarth OC Remix by Jorito Block Invaders

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  1. Can you do a ctgp tutorial for mkwii. Or do the servers that you covered in your other video cover ctgp too

  2. Ooh GameBoy Reviews! I love this! There's so many gameboy games forgotten, glad to see you give em some spotlight! This one feels like a Tetris and Space Invaders crossover! But becoming more than the sum of its parts! neat!
    I'd love a Kirby's Block Ball Review!

  3. You’re so underated, keep up with these vids

  4. Nice video! I love these reviews of forgotten retro games!

  5. It’s like Tetris meets Space Invaders. Good job as usual!

  6. This kinda reminds me of tetris

  7. What Game Boy Games would you like so see me Review?

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