R5 2600 vs. i5 8400 – Best Mainstream CPU?

Two excellent 6-Core CPUs that both have strengths and weaknesses – but which one is for you?

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AMD RYZEN 5 2600:
AMD RYZEN 5 2600X:
AMD RYZEN 7 2700X:
AMD RYZEN 7 2700:
Intel Core i7 8700K:
Intel Core i5 8600K:
Intel Core i5 8400:
Intel Core i3 8100:
X470 Board used:
Z370 Board used:
X399 Board used:

NCASE M1 Mods:

Current gear!
Sony a6300:
Sigma 16mm f/1.4 DC DN:
Sigma 19mm f/2.8 DN ART:
Sigma 30mm f/1.4 DC DN:
Sony OSS 16-50mm f/3.5-5.6:


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  1. I dont get it. Ryzen has a max clockspeed with 3.9ghz. How they set it on 4.1ghz? Someone explain.

  2. Ryzen 2600 basically sucks bad in gaming. Period. I’ve paired it with a GTX 1660s OC. And I’m disappointed how it hold back the GPU. Also I installed two 8GB RAM OC@2933MHz(base 2400MHz). Idk if that helps. The reason I’ve opted for AMD is because of my past bad experiences with i3 4150. I’m happy with Cinebench performance tho.

  3. Weak. Everyone knows you can download CPU

  4. What do i get i5 or ryzen am building a pc so help

  5. wow i5 8400 just put it in and go.

  6. thanks so much for this video..does RYZEN 5 2600 stream gaming better than RYZEN 3 2200g?

  7. I looked thru some gameplay of both CPU s and the i5 usually runs 20 FPS above the R 5 2600
    But if you plan to stream or record an video you should get an R 5 2600
    If you rather faster personal experience get intel i5

  8. Those prices are not correct anymore, in Canada I5 8400 is 100$ more expensive than the R5 2600, given newegg sells the R5 2600 for 164$, and 267$ for the i5 8400. it's not even hard to decide on AMD, 5% more gaming FPS on average for 100$ more? ill take AMD and spend 100$ more on the GPU thnx.

  9. Try to used them both within 24hrs of work and compare it again, you will see the big difference.

  10. rx 5700 and a r5 2600? major bottleneck or no?

  11. i use the r5 2600 no problems here, great all around cpu. still holds its own.

  12. Is the i5 8400 good for plex server?

  13. Can someone really quickly with one quick answer, tell me which CPU is better for gaming…

  14. How do you overclock the Ryzen 5 2600

  15. i have the 2600, great all around cpu. mine overclocked to 4.2 ghz 1.4v stable.

  16. I'm torn because admittedly, I'm an AMD fanboy, but after my Phenom II and FX, I went with the i5 8400 last year because it seemed like a can't-miss. I still love it. But seeing Ryzen do so well, especially now that the 3600 is out, makes me warm inside.

  17. Ryzen 5 3rd Gen crushes Intel

  18. Im doing some light music production with some vst plugins running. Basically a home recording studio. should i go for i5 or ryzen 5? I see multi thread on ryzen 5 is more than i5.

  19. The ryzen is much cheaper so fuck yea

  20. Intel Nvidia still the best choice for gaming.

  21. In Dubai the prices are literally double or more

  22. AMD ko keya 6 months Ka andar andar maintenance Karna Hota hai???

  23. how you tasted g4560 with gtx 1080 ti without bottleneck ?

  24. If i get a used r5 2600 will it effect the performance/fps.

  25. When it comes to stability, durability and long lasting.. Which one should I get..?
    My purposes are Audio production (mainly) and some 1080p simple video production like YouTube videos..

  26. honestly the i5 8400 is the best CPU compared to AMDs CPUs for it's price and performance. If you want an even better kick in performance then an extra $10 can get you an i5 9600K which performs better then all current AMD cpus plus it has overclocking meaning you can OC the CPU to be way better then what it was before. Honestly I'd see a good fight between them but Intel currently wins in the Gaming Only market. However if you plan to stream or do some more work related tasks I'd rather recommend picking up an AMD cpu to help you in the process

  27. Motherboard choice is important as well. I couldnt overclock my ram on my asrock board when i got a Asus board x470 i could overclock from 3000 mhz to 3400 with the same set of ram.

  28. Please answer me. Is an I3-813OU with MX150 enough for designing and light gaming?

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