Ryzen 5 2400G Benchmark without GPU – Radeon Rx Vega 11 Graphics Review

In this video we will test the best budget gaming cpu build from amd, the ryzen r5 2400g with integrated igpu radeon rx vega 11. We will test six games: fortnite, cs go, wow, overwatch, gtav, doom*** Check out the CPU here US►

*CPU* RYZEN 1700 ►
*RAM* 16GB DDR4 ►
*GPU* DUAL GTX 970 ►
*MOUSEPAD* SteelSeries QcK+ ►


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About the video:
In this video, Robin from chips entertainment test and review amds latest budget CPU for gamers with integrated GPU, the AMD ryzen r5 2400g with radeon rx vega 11 igpu. Is it the best cheap gaming cpu for any gaming build in 2019? Graphics card is the most important component in the pc build if you want to achieve the best possible frame rate or fps. The ryzen 2400g comes with an integrated GPU that is capable of running many games in great framerate, for only $150 dollars, which makes it a fantastic choice for any gamer looking for a cheap/affordable pc build in 2018/2019.

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  1. I bought this recently, yet to test it, I am going to pair it with 16GB single channel, will it affect the performance because of single channel???

  2. That's a like for his voice

  3. Leave utube…try rapping.

  4. this feels like listening a voice over a horse race

  5. Can we play gta 5 and fortnite without gpu?

  6. Will the fps improve if i have ryzen 5 with vega graphics, 16gb ram and i will upgrade my vram?

  7. I need help unzwar , if I go on some programs or websites are on there are always such weird pay have copied the below times (but are in the program longer, did not want to insert all the pay) Please help jmd or know who can do what

  8. I have the same ryzen 5 2400 with radeon vega 11 graphics but in fortnite i have only 60fps with the same fps (the limitd at 240) in csgo i have 50-60

  9. Will a gt 710 improve if not I might go for a gtx 1650

  10. In my opinion if refresh rate drops below 40FPS during routine gameplay for any length of time then the pc build can NOT run that game adequately. Even if you’re okay with that kind of performance, you’re never going to enjoy using your computer if the CPU/GPU are being overworked. This is what causes errors and extreme delays. While your cooling system may be high performance when the CPU becomes overwhelmed the cooling systems can also go by the wayside. This is the reason why I am going to install a dedicated GPU on my AMD Ryzen 5 2400G Vega 11 equipped HP Pavillion desktop. Currently, my desktop runs games like call of duty warzone only on the lowest graphics settings @ around 15-40fps at 1080p. Becomes just about unplayable during combat : /. However, world of warcraft retail AND classic both run very well at 4/10 graphics settings (recommended) consistently delivering 90-200fps. Also runs Left 4 Dead 2 maxxed out @ 60-100fps constantly. Definitely needs a dedicated GPU with at LEAST 4gb of its’ own graphics rendering memory. I think one of the more premium options for my chipset is the Nvidia GTX 1080? Something like that?

  11. dude gta 5 low graphics is not bad and is 100 times better than san andreas

  12. Damn the way you talk, you going for the record?

  13. seeing these types of vids with these cpu's using integrated graphics and getting about 60fps on low make me salty af since when i got my first "gaming" pc for £500 it wouldnt even run minecraft at 30fps

  14. Is this the guy who sings the eurobeat songs? Gas gas gas?

  15. Noice voice accent 😎

  16. so I think there is no need of gpu as long as you are not going to stream or doing any heavy work

  17. can you play GTA V, call of duty, medal of honor and battlefield on that processor without Video card? thanks

  18. CS:GO will run a lot better than your benchmark because hosting a game with bots lowers your FPS a lot. I don’t blame you though, it is pretty weird. Next time you do CS:GO benchmarks just remember to play online. Great video!

  19. How much VRAM do you use?

  20. On mine on Fortnite I get like 20 frames

  21. Is this enough for minecraft modpacks please tell me

  22. honestly i dont mind getting bellow 60 frames if its online
    im just upset that there is a offer and i can get the cpu for 100 pounds but i dont have 100 pounds

  23. you could just buy one of them cheap Xeons and a gtx 760 and its like £100
    not better performance though
    if you increased the budget to £150 you could get much better performance

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