S Voice Vs Bixby Voice – Which One Is Better?

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This is Samsung S Voice Vs Samsung Bixby Voice, a lot of people asking me for that video so i give it to ya’ll.

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  1. Nobody:

    Accent of this person: Haaaay Gaaleexxy

  2. I like s voice and Google assistant

  3. 4:35 I don't think it can understand your heavy accent. (I'm not being racist or anything here it just seems like it can't)

  4. it s annoyinng to say Hi bixby, can we change just for bixby to wake bixby ?????

  5. Bixby is not messing up its just it did not under stand you. You have to speak more clearly. NO OFFENSE

  6. Bixby is basically s voice after she hits puberty

  7. I have two S4 Mini and Tab 10.1" with s voice so my favorite is s voice

  8. Samsung had tat svoice feature from note 2 or s3. We had artificial intelligence from den n now its getting popular in other brands when its old school type in samsung

  9. I tried using S Voice the old assistant and you can't even update it anymore it's just bad I would suggest if you're going to get a Samsung phone or tablet you get the new ones because Bixby is so much better I'm just saying try to ask her a question and it's like watching paint dry I'm talking about S Voice and when she does finally answer she doesn't know what you're saying it's hard for her to understand you don't know why it just does sometimes I try to do a day with using her and it's very difficult because she's very frustrating cuz she's not smart at all and she doesn't do a single damn thing

  10. I love how Bixby keeps turning on lol.

  11. I have a Note 4 with the previous generation of S-Voice and I said "open settings" and "open the settings" and with both commands my S-Voice brought me to the phone's main settings page. You are using too many words try keeping it sweet and simple. For instance, if you want to open an app say "open ____" (__ is the app you would like to open). Examples: "open settings" "Open weather"… When you do more background talk than that especially on an older system you will confuse it with too many words creating confusion. As far as Bixby goes, it seems like just random chance if the voice recognition will understand what I said even after I went through the training thing where it gives you a list of phrases to say in order to get a feel for how you pronounce.

  12. it's really not bixby's fault lol.
    it's f-ing yours , you sound like you are speaking some kind of an alien language god.
    learn to talk

  13. 9:54 Him: hai galax E open the helt up! Phone (trying its best to understand him) : Navigating… Him: Das nav a da axe eide u fool.

  14. See what I mean by S voice is horrible

  15. Hi gaxy open konak(contacts)

  16. Thats not what i AXE!

  17. Bixby is definitely better but I don't want to buy a new phone just to get Bixby that's a waste of money I only like the assistant is there a way you can get it on the Galaxy S6 please I want to know I want Bixby she's awesome that's voice is horrible she can't even tell very good jokes

  18. You don't talk clear maybe because of your acsent

  19. The reason Bixby can't understand you is because you are speaking mumbo jumbo.

  20. Thank you for the great review! I have the new S9 and didn't realize what Bixby is capable of. Now I might even try it!

  21. Say YouTube at S Voice and it will open YouTube
    Not lying

  22. Bro what kind a language you are talking lol

  23. When you said hi galaxy my phone actually responded😂😂😂

  24. Sorry, but u have little bad accent. 😀 Poor bixby can't understand you.

  25. No offense but, its like your complaining the car is messing up but really its just how you operate it.

  26. You voice its a stupid and no clean

  27. U can't talk and u blame

  28. Take the marbles out of your mouth and maybe Bixby will understand you when you "axe" it a question

  29. Ur accent is so weird that's y bixby barely understands u

  30. Bixby learns how to understand your voice. The more you use it the better it will become, you have a strange accent and it just needs to figure out how to convert your speech to text

  31. Bro Bixby is doing amazing because not even I can understand what you are saying, but thanks for the comparison.

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