Samsung Galaxy S6 Tips – Using S Voice

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Digital assistants seem to be all the rage these days, with Apple’s Siri on iPhones kicking off the trend that now includes Siri, Cortana from Microsoft, and Google Now. Samsung’s foray into the space is called S Voice, and is a very useful addition to their Galaxy series of android devices. What can you do with S Voice on your Samsung Galaxy S6? Let’s find out:

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  1. Can it send a text without typing?

  2. Thats was what i want. !THANKS !

  3. Me:S voice…?

    Also me: Ooh now it's bixby

  4. This 7 years old app have just been updated yesterday

  5. How do we use s voice while phone is locked? As siri works in iphone without unlocking the phone.

  6. I take it the network connection has to be on for this to work?

  7. plz help! S voice is opening randomly

  8. I have Samsung and I don't have S voice…

  9. Can you use it without internet?

  10. I hate the fact that samsung 4 has s voice but not samsung j5 that pisses me off and i have samsusng j5…thats not a smart phone but a book phone

  11. My tablet Samsung Galaxy Tab S have S Voice (I bought it in 2015)

  12. The so-called explanation of this system is voiced at a fast speed, in an unclear voice without any pauses for listeners to absorb whatever is being said. I had to turn off after only a few minutes of trying to catch up. John Hing.

  13. I have I a problem with my s voice command feature.

    After I record my command and then save it, I then go back to the main menu to try it out.

    The first couple of times it works fine. but after I try to use it to open the 3Rd application, it just won't work anymore.

    So I would end up having to go back to the s voice command settings, listen to my recorded voice, then go back to the main menu to try it again……….in which the same thing happens all over again. It will work for a couple of times and the after that it won't work anymore.

    Would anyone happen to know what could be causing this issue??

  14. This is amazing! I can't wait to try it. Thanks so much for posting.

  15. How to siri Samsung galaxy j7

  16. can't seem to find it on my s6

  17. Not working in my Samsung Galaxy j7

  18. I need help when I try to open the s voice settings it doesn't work

  19. I have an S6 edge plus My speaker phone is all that works but have a gear s that will set wakeup is there a way I can send that to the wake up on my phone? I tried setting it up w my Bluetooth headset but tells me to turn off headphones and do not use Google now because it messes my phone up . Any recommendations??

  20. my settings are now ready but if i say the word the app doesnt show up!

  21. I'm 65 years old and slow on the uptake about technology for communication so I am subscribing to this channel and setting it for notification to my phone on all new videos. Thanks for the information. .It's like free tuition! Haha

  22. I have had this app all along on my Samsung galaxy android and didn't know. ..Then yesterday it opened up all by itself and works great. But I asked it to show me S Voice information and it gave me several articles about itself and this video. I'm loving it.

  23. The worse thing about GREED is there is no cure. These companies are so damn eager to get PAID that they do these damn devices half ass and we get to deal with the aggravation.

  24. Why does it not work like that on my S7 Edge? I have done the set up on S Voice App.

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