Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Android 8.0 Oreo Official Review!

Its time for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Android 8.0 Oreo Update Official Review


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  1. Hi . I manually updated software of my s7 edge. From 6 to 8 oreo. But the theme is not working and also the samsung pass because it's rooted. Any help please?

  2. Wallpaper name in this gold s7


  4. Is the download bad for my phone

  5. Is it available for SM – G935A samsung galaxy s7 edge AT&T

  6. Fast for 2 weeks then turns to shit. lol

  7. Anyone watching 2019 from their s7edge? 🤗

  8. I installed oreo on my s7 edge but it can't play some songs and videos help me dude

  9. hi im not normally dumb withg new phones n tech but i cant figure out how to add a photo to a contact, how do u do it?

  10. Does it have face recognition

  11. so s7 edge loses its fingerprint?

  12. is the edge clock still available on the oreo update?

  13. My S7 ran somewhat better with the 7.0 version of Android.


  15. Why he has a small black dot in his homebutton of s7 edge

  16. How did you add a property hi ziryab ! Please reply to my comment

  17. A5 2017 android pie😪😪😪

  18. My phone is stuck on 6.0 Marshmallow

  19. im on marshmellow should i upgrade i have the s7 edge

  20. S7 edge supports slow motion and live focus????

  21. My j3 2017 has 8.0 Oreo
    My s7 edge has 8.0 oreo

  22. Where are you find this wallpaper on s8?

  23. So only dual screen and no picture-and-picture on S7?

  24. Wallpaper s7 edge oreo please?

  25. today i've got the undate to Oreo and the edge lighting now is soooo small and can barely see when your screen is facing down…
    before the update the edge lighting practically light the room but now i don't see it and i have it on the wide for the edge.
    Do you know if can be fix?

  26. You could already add custom colors for your photos and you get on the galaxy S6 it's not now I mean at least I can I don't know about anyone else but I can't find my old galaxy S6 I have an iPhone xs right now I pre-ordered it

  27. Pls do a vid how to install android 8.0

  28. Do a comparison video between s6 and s9

  29. When I heard the opening I remembered Rick and Morty hahaha

  30. I got a official update through settings for my (s7 edge sm-g935t) and after update I'm getting mobile data not available error…..Can you help me fix it bcz I'm seeing my sim contacts so i know nothing is wrong with my sim card

  31. Just upgraded to oreo, theres a few things that need fixed like gallery video, no option to go forward or reverse.

  32. Thanks for the update just got my update. 8/18/2018

  33. Anyone else's message/ what's app etc notification icons go when swiped away from top ? Its really annoying!!!

  34. My S7 Edge doesn not have the extra Bixby home on Oreo so I guess the Official .. Official update doesn't come with that.

  35. Sadly, the s6 edge doesn't get that update. It is now cheaper on the s7 edge. I would rather step up with s9 or note 9

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