Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge vs. iPhone 6S Plus Coca-Cola Freeze Test 9 Hours! Will It Survive ?

Thanks for watching this video! I did it a couple of years ago and didn’t expect it to become such a major success! Thank you all for helping me win more in life! I will keep deliver awesome content to my dedicated followers and fans. Keep winning!

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  1. Lol wow, that's pretty cool; S6 was just like, "Pshh, what else ya got?" 😁 Smartphones sure have come a longgg way 😊

  2. Круто👍👍👍👍

  3. So cool. You are very bored and rich..

  4. I am getting the Samsung s7

  5. wow! that's impossible!!!! how did they survived!!!! 😱😱😱

  6. so bored and so rich man…..:)

  7. You should have donated Those Phones To Me XD

  8. beznadzejny pomysl szkoda telefonow

  9. блять лучше бы мне отдал

  10. Crazy extreme Jajajaja wood video 🙂

  11. 😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒

  12. eu não entendo inglês

  13. Я одна тут русская?!

  14. vim pelo gato galáctico

  15. oh my good…. 😱 samsung the best

  16. You could've gave them to me! 😂, lol but nice video!

  17. i just love his voice……… so cute and european.

  18. Çok çirkin aptal manyak gerizekalı

  19. по укр мові

  20. I guess you had to put tje second one, warm water such as S7

  21. so bored and so rich man….. 🙂


  23. Não estraga ricos, tentem em casa, e lembre-se , não confira em estranhos como a mamãe dizia ^^

  24. hooooo desisto do iPhone que sansung gslsxy

  25. u have made a big mess. but Samsung is better. but I guess Apple is good.

  26. was wäre wenn du die Handys nicht mehr benutzen könntest

  27. This is my heart!👉💓👈I have this samsung OMG Is So so coooooool!!!!!

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