[SEGA Genesis Music] El Viento – Full Original Soundtrack OST

Recorded from real Sega Genesis, Model 2 w/ASIC YM3438 +MegaAmp mod

00:00 Opening Theme
00:51 Main Theme
02:20 Stage 1 New York City
04:07 Intermission 1
07:01 Stage 2 Park
09:39 Stage 3 Bar
12:12 Boss Theme (Stages 1-3)
14:13 Stage 4 Factory
16:43 Stage 5 Temple
19:24 Boss Theme (Stages 4-5)
21:32 Stage 6 Detroit Car Factory
24:09 Intermission 2
25:35 Stage 7 High Sky
28:04 Boss Theme (Stages 6-7)
30:43 Stage 8 Empire State Building
32:11 Final Battle
34:55 Stage Clear
35:02 Ending Theme
37:50 Game Over
37:56 Staff Roll
40:20 Unknown Track 1
40:30 Unknown Track 2

Composed by
Motoi Sakuraba

Nguồn: https://takeofftools.com/

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  1. FLAC download (MEGA): https://mega.nz/#F!8RQBRQCK!K3JXi8s_mG0lCJbi71XhZw

  2. damn even with the mega amp the modle#2 sega megadrive still sounds weak

  3. That stage 4 theme would fit great in a jetboard section like in Round 4-1 of Shinobi 3.

  4. I played Granada on the Genesis first, so when I played this for the first time I was like…really Gradana, is that you again? Look so much different now 😀

  5. 09:39 Stage 3 Bar = Rise from Herp Albert https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vltC-O7PDYQ

  6. One of Motoi Sakuraba's best work, along with Tales of the Abyss, Star Ocean 2, Granada, Golden Sun, and Eternal Sonata.

  7. There are little glances of the Dark Souls OST in the Intemission.

  8. I used to play a lot this game. The cutscenes were amazing for the time, and many Megadrive titles inspired me to take Japanese classes (Japanese carts were common in Brazil).

  9. Holy damn, this is an amazing soundtrack!!

  10. Have to love Western fantasy illustrators trying to figure out anime characters

  11. The best song in the game? 21:32

  12. Track 2 seems slower… is that just me?

  13. JP Box art : ヽ(≧▽≦)ノ
    US Box art : (´・ω・`)

  14. I wish that you used the much nicer japanese boxart instead but otherwise what to say? Awesome soundtrack in glorious Dustin quality! 😉

  15. Granada
    by the same composer is also a great soundtrack

  16. The image of some vaguely North american tribal looking green hair anime girl running around 1930's new york tossing boomerangs at grey suit stereotypical gangsters with tommy guns already looks ridiculous as is but the cheesiness of the Genesis version box art just elevates that to hilarious degrees. kinda good I only have the cart or I'd never take this game seriously, lol

  17. Didn't expect to see such a familiar name here.

    Actually kinda disappointed. 80's commercial vibe. Well, I guess even Sakuraba had to start somewhere.

  18. You always do a superb job Dustinodello, thanks again.

  19. is the same music composer from Dark Souls?

  20. Thank you for uploading this, Dustin!! This is definitely one of my favorite soundtracks of the Genesis (almost anything WolfTeam put out was stellar). You would happen to have a FLAC link for it like your other uploads, would you?

  21. Ah yes, this bizarre "Don't make it anime!" box art.

  22. Dustin, will we ever see Ghouls n Ghosts uploaded?

  23. Maui Mallard for the Sega Genesis PLEASE.

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