Should You Try FFXIV in 2020? | Yup, Here's Why!

Should you give Final Fantasy 14 a try in 2020? I think so!

Ladies and Gentleman, welcome back to Tiny Blue Games! My name is Csaw or Chris, and today we are discussing FFXIV in 2020. For those of you who have been watching the channel regularly you will know that I have been exploring several of the biggest MMORPGs on the market and discussing whether or not they are worth playing in 2020. Well I can safely say that FFXIV is one of the best MMOs you can currently play and as a new player to the game I have been having a blast. There is a feeling of excitement among the community and it is clear that the developers are passionate about this game. It’s exciting to see what the game will do next!

As a relatively new ffxiv player, I have been enjoying giving my first impressions for the many different pieces of content this game has to offer. If you are interested in exploring the game yourself I suggest you check out the Final Fantasy 14 free trial. This trial lets you play the base game all the way to level 35, with no time restrictions. It was ultimately the free trial that convinced me to dive into the full game and the new Shadowbringers expansion!

👀 Do you think FFXIV is worth playing in 2020? Why?

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  1. One of? NAWWW it has been the best for the past 3 years and it’s finally recognized itself as such coming from someone who’s played a bunch of MMO’s

  2. I don't play it because is not free to play XD
    Ima poor -_-

  3. I started this game and there was sooo much stuff on my screen and sooo many other things I got overwhelmed 🙁

  4. Your intro is funny and odd what made you think of it? Love your vids.

  5. I’m not gonna pay a monthly fee to play a game

    That’s why I stopped wow

    I’m playing gw2 and Poe and diablo and bdo right now

  6. I would buy this game if it doesnt have monthly fee

  7. I want to play it but for some reason i can never get the game to log in or start

  8. SWTOR would be 10x amazing with FFXIV graphics 😱 @bioware

  9. I think its too late for me to get into the game :

  10. Story sucks It’s to fucking political and that’s pretty much it. Final fantasy 7 and 10 story is the best to me so far

  11. I watch the whole video, but can't remember anything you said, still the sound of your voice felt nice xd

  12. 😮 no subtitle track….. please do in future i cant hear 🙁 please do

  13. even though im playing the game in 7fps and a free trial, I still reeeaaaally enjoy and love the game!!!

  14. Demo
    got it
    best review there is.

  15. i hope they really fix leveling in 5.3. i quit after Seventh Astral Era Quest. Leveling is absolutly the horror. boring, bland and way to many quest.

  16. how is it with the armor set's? i see ur lv 41 and wearing ugly looking armor, why is that? is there any armor progression etc? i dont wanna look like that at high level

  17. Well some of us got to buy fücking time cards for a game u paid for already doesn’t make sense I wanted to play so bad💀💀😳 is it only PS4 or it’s every platform

  18. I want to ask how the F did you get in to the game I am lost???? I register the account and login, it told me go in the square enix account management system and register the service account…? what ? That mean you have to pay to play the game or what?

  19. I live in Asia and i play on a JP server where Frontlines (RvRvR/pvp) is hugely popular.

    The raid vs raid vs raid skirmishing is always on edge. As one faction leads the match the other two factions gang up on the leading faction.

    Always close matches.

  20. This is a good social mmo kind of game especially in terms of housing and online interactions. The only drawback is having too many contents and not enough people playing it. Let say you want to replay some fun multiplayer boss fight to farm stuffs (what they call raid contents in this game), it is a waste of time waiting 45+ min for other people to join you to start it. If only they would implement an HP scale up system for bosses where you can either solo or play with other people as they join your game in real time like MHW, it would have been much more practical to play eveyday for fun. Most people want to play as dps because they enjoy the big ass damage number, and not nearly as much like to play as tank or healer, yet all 3 classes are required for raid. That's why the wait time us horrible. The endgame gear progression system feels like a pay to win model and that's a shame. It's like: "Want to have a complete up to date strongest gear? pay for at least 3 subscription cycle to collect enough in game currency (tomestone) & you'll get it after that time"

  21. During battles is dodging required in this game? Or do you generally stand in one spot and fight?

  22. so expensive , im broke to pay monthly , if their is year plan , i play already

  23. in 1.0 i made a conjurer because i thought i could go blk mage LOL

  24. Ah heck… I still don't know why I couldn't get into this game and I leveled trough all of it and also played a bunch of shadowbringers.. It was so… Slow? And it lacked the themepark of things I could do like in wow.. But don't get me wrong wow is in a terrible state atm and I also don't want to play that..

    I really don't know what mmo to play rn.. Teso was just eh and gw2 didn't click with me years ago and it now sounds like the game is about to die anyways

  25. If you start playing FFXIV now, you have plenty of time to catch up because the next update has been delayed from mid-June to late July

  26. I came for a review on this game, but this guy is so fucking cringey it almost convinced me not to get it.

  27. Llamas 🦙 I gotta is your life lto lip

  28. Ugh this game is sooo boring. The pvp is non-existent and every battle is sooooooo easy. — even the dungeons don’t have any challenge

  29. The starter edition is free for PS4 and PC!!!!

  30. do i need to buy all the expacs just to do stuff, or can i skip certain expacs if i dont want that content?

  31. The girl talking throughout the video sounds like she’s trying to talk lower than she normally does.

  32. The only reason why I'm not playing this is because it's region locked.

  33. So I jus bought ffxiv complete edition for ps4 and it never came with the registration code and now I literally have no idea what to do I’ve been up literally all night and no customer service lines are open and I feel I basically just wasted 60$ I’ll never get back and this video really really left me wanted to play if anyone on the YouTube world can help me let me know..

  34. So I jus bought ffxiv complete edition for ps4 and it never came with the registration code and now I literally have no idea what to do I’ve been up literally all night and no customer service lines are open and I feel I basically just wasted 60$ I’ll never get back and this video really really left me wanted to play if anyone on the YouTube world can help me let me know..

  35. man this game is AWSEOME, ive played every expansion i jsut really really really wish there was more pvp thats the ONLYgripe i have with it, if its now the beginning of the pvp season then your not gonna find a pvp game at all which really sucks to think about for me while playing and pveing and grinding because normaly in the back of my head im always trying to get better for pvp but in this game there isnt that end goal so i almost feel like im gearing up just to fight ai which is eh, but i love the story and i love ff so iill prob hop back on soon XD only half way through this last exp then stopped

  36. So, if I were to start this game, what do you recommend? Start the free trial first? Buy the basic package and the Shadowbringers expansion?

  37. I like to PvP in my MMOs not all the time but pretty frequently is PvP as dead as everyone says or is it just an exaggeration like what people say in wow, if so I'ma stick to gw2 but if not I will give it a chance.

  38. I keep hearing the story is slow let's get one thing straight guys IT IS a final fantasy game the beginning of these games have always been at least somewhat slow

  39. It's always good to see people talking about how awesome ffxiv is

  40. The game has a HUGE FLAW THO, SQUARE. Square wont recognize south/latin america as a market good enough to get the minimum treatment(Like a south american data center). Final Fantasy 14 has a huge popularity down here and its very bad populating NA servers with bad ping SA costumers.

  41. I miss playing ffxiv.. i cant get time cards bc my dad doesn't trust wasting money online.. my poor red mage self.

  42. I wanna subscribe but i dont see my state region on the mod station

  43. For me FF14 is an RPG game with MMO elements and thats why I LOVE it

  44. I've tried playing ff14 4 times and I can't get over the fact it holds your hand soo much and also the fact there's no social aspect to it until end game, I recently tried out wow classic and immedetialy I'm grouping with other players (let me mention I have never played wow before) I'm sure if I played retail wow I would not have liked it as much

  45. 5.3 they will revamp the story i think

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