The final episode in the series focuses on the biggest event of the year; Japfest. With the event being the Drift Games crew’s last roll of the dice, there was no holding back in terms of scale and setup. The most dangerous track in Irish drifting would claim many victims and the struggles behind the scene were real. Who would claim the 2019 championship? Who would survive the changing weather conditions? Who would become a hero?

Thank you to everyone who has supported and shared this series, it has really meant a lot to us and we hope you have enjoyed it!


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  1. This is fuckin 400 times better than drive to survive season 2. What the fuck im so mad this doesn't have a million views what the fuck, the quality, the passion and emotion holy shit boys this was fucking brilliant.

  2. you bunch of beautiful buggers…

  3. this needs to be seen my many more people! so good

  4. What a history. So many thanks for all the effort for the sport. You guys are just amazing. Respect. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  5. As a Fan from the the very start , to the last days in up in mondello , thank you @driftgames , team track staff and so on , , but you broke your hearts by doping IDC , we cherished that brand , made our names from it ! , this series really opens up the eyes tho , and enplanes it so well , so once again thank you , and lads lets mob the next irish drift comp whener ever it arises ,

  6. Pity to see Dave is moving away from creating amazing events all over the world.

  7. You've done great thing's for Irish drifting and the other championships you've been involved in. I've enjoyed many hours of live streaming especially from the IDC over the year's.

  8. Can we have one more please?! 🙁 ♥

  9. Sat and binged the whole series today and this is crazy good! Seriously should be on Netflix. The production quality, the action, the story, the highs and lows. Such a gripping series worthy of far more credit! Much love 🙌

  10. actual WOW 😮 what a watch that was.hat off to duane mckeever ♥️

  11. Another amazing video and an amazing community!

  12. This series is fucking incredible. Deserves millions of views.

  13. I miss drifting so much now 🙁 the passion

  14. Pretty gutted that's the end, 2 years pretty much to the day I watched my 1st live stream. Hooked from the 1st 10 seconds of watching. Thanks for the addiction. 🤘🤘🤘

  15. The shanahan boys are hero's behind the scenes John especially can do things that any other human would say is impossible

  16. Mixed emotions for you all, gutted but also grateful for creating something that all events in the UK are aiming for.
    We arent from Ireland but have been to some of your events and all we can say is wow. A serious credit to everyone involved!

  17. That docmentary series is a masterpiece. Thank you!

  18. This series has been phenomenal

  19. Definitely something special about Irish drifting, it made me leave England for the first time in 10 years to go watch the event. It was more than worht the trip, ill never forget those memories i made at that event. Thanks to Dave and the team

  20. Sad to see it end but OMG what an ending. Fairplay to the lot of you. This is probably the most I've ever been invested in a documentary ever 🤣. I hope to see you at an event to thank you in person

  21. Amazing series. Really makes you sit back and notice and take in every part of what makes drifting what it is. Besides the driving. Well done everyone involved

  22. What a series! Perfectly captured the passion and spirit that goes into drifting, Ive experienced nothing but love and passion in the grass roots UK scene and im from sleepy Suffolk in East Anglia, Great people, Great sport, roll on 2020 drift events theres tyres that need shreddin!

  23. Well what a great tense final finish to the series. Have enjoyed it all the way through. You did a great job while in charge and you will do great at what you carry on doing in the future. Loved it. See you at another track some time.

  24. Best series on YouTube hands down! Thanks so much guys

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