Smoking Games | Let's Play Towers!

Hello! Welcome back to another video!

Today we learn a game called “Towers” that can be played with any number of people, for any amount of time, as long as the supplies last. The game requires a blunt or cigarette, (J’s & other substitutes work) a lighter, some shot glasses & your favorite drink. The goal of the game is to take the least shots. Those who let the ash fall will lose, thereby taking a shot.

Rose Wrap Update:
Will be launching first line of wraps in February. Stayed tuned.

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  1. that guy looks sad untill he saw a joint)

  2. I like when her Brother gave the Ladies how to hit it, try sucking twirlinlg tips for proper hitt'age

  3. chris bored as hell
    why u drag him to this

  4. This cool and all but did he atleast smash after?😕😕🤔😂😂

  5. Throw some honey or syrup on a blunt then play towers 😉

  6. Yea the brother looks like he don’t give a fuck he just wanna get high

  7. get a fucking mic it souds like a fucking xbox 36 dioritos pag soda can fucking dick chese smegma

  8. The little jawn in the middle fire af.

  9. 🔥🔥🔥😍😍 damn u cute af

  10. 6:35 the point of no Return 🔥 💨💨💨

  11. Played before but just bcuz the ashtray was too far. Never knew the name. Good times

  12. She said fuck me bro and her brother right there SMH hahahaha

  13. Wow brozsz next level

  14. Brush who else knew it was a 0.5 in a blunt

  15. Great game i love this thank you

  16. Omg, I feel like I'm friends with y'all.
    I'm very depressed and was looking exactly for this
    I cannot thank you enough!

  17. Both of y’all girls are so fine 😍😍😘

  18. Dumb decision, that stuffs horrible for you

  19. Shout out to you for introducing me to this game!

  20. I’m definitely playing this!

  21. You have to do this game

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