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First episode of my new cross platform youtube/twitch series! The idea is to do a civ overview and talk about the strengths and weaknesses of the civ in theory, and then play 1 game to check out how the civ actually plays out. I also fill the time queuing by answering questions pertaining to the civ from the twitch chat. While playing I focus on doing 100% educational commentary and even turn off alerts on my stream, so you guys get as much info as I can possibly provide.

This episode featured the Mayans, and it was played on patch 36202.

As usual any feedback is highly requested in the comments. I will prepare a small script beforehand next time so my community in the theory part will be a little cleaner, sorry if I stuttered too much here. Hope you guys enjoy!

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  1. Day 3 of 30. Let me know what you guys think of this series, seriously all feedback is appreciated. Also what civ should i do for next weeks episode?

  2. Those videos are golden for newcomers like me. Thanks for that series

  3. Amazing serie.
    I wish you play Khmers

  4. carrot

    because all feedback is appreciated.

  5. I only started liking Mayans when I say your maa into arch Bo. Stop massing around now Hera! STOP! it's time to do a "so you want to play khmer" vid

  6. Good work! Would appreciate a video on Cummins- feel they’re a great civ to play but not always sure what’s the best way to play them

  7. verry good series hera keep it, also good explaining during the game, hope to see goths

  8. Really enjoy the series!! Thanks; you’re doing a great job.

  9. The movement at 27:33 is just genious. Something only a top player abuses.

  10. Ok so now I know why I lose 90% of my games… I don't know how to react when i'm being raided, I lose my cool and I just give up, watching helplessly as all my villagers get slaughtered… I break very easily under pressure, I just don't know how to react. And when I do, I almost never have enough resources to do so.

  11. Hera, Thanks so much for this series. I learned a lot from you and really like the way you explained your thoughts and how to react to the opponent.

  12. RTS is so fun to play man.Let's make rts popular again!

  13. Ok, how to win as Mayans, make sure to trade 4 to 1 with mangos.

  14. i'll practice… thanks for all man. awesome

  15. How about a gunpowder civ? Spanish or Turks?

  16. Can't wait for more of this!!

  17. How did you just switch colors ???

  18. Nomad over acropolis ??? Interesting 🧐

  19. super nice video, really made me understand a lot of things a knew but didn't really know how to apply, thanks Hera!

  20. How do you enjoy the game at this point

  21. Why wasn't the thumbnail a garbage truck?

  22. So I want to play Mongols… ASAP 😀

  23. Good game, I would like to see Vikings!

  24. Great video, Spirit of the Hera

  25. If you had created archers in feudal, when going castle would you upgrade them or ditch them for plumes?

  26. hi im new to your channel really good content by the way
    im also half new to AoE 2 i plan on watching this series thankyou for making it up to date

  27. Do you think the forward castle was worth it compared to castling to protect your gold?

  28. Why did MBL not make Cav Archers as Tatars?

  29. Thank you, i started ranked today for first time ever and i'm 5/1 with mayans most game for now go plume/halb or plume/eagle but i'm still at low elo (1100) so there not so much agression before imp. It was really informative.

  30. When playing Mayans build 2 markets… got it. Thank you Hera!!!11!!

  31. Great content, please keep it up!

  32. oh God that shot :O

  33. Thanks for doing this series. It's a great idea – lots to learn for n00bs like me

  34. big fan of the series

  35. Why is he garrisoning the villagers in the Dark Age like that? The boar was already dead

  36. Would be great if you could record it and do a voice over

  37. No I don't want to play mayans. Ill stick with my Portuguese which is D tier (But JustSaiyanXD! He moved them to C tier!) NO TAKEBACKS!

  38. I love how even when a giant horde of rams and knights start battering your castles, you sound like you're just discussing the weather. Amazing!

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