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DISCLAIMER: This video, along with all videos found on my YouTube channel are for entertainment/educational purposes only and should in no way be taken seriously. Do not try anything mentioned in this video.


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  1. I call the first game Mexican sweet

  2. Baseball is Chicago
    And what do you mean Marco Polo ???? Nigga the blunt goes to the left , ITS LAW there is even a song about it “ pass the Dutchie pin the left hand side “

  3. Two things I play duce's every time I smoke and also where I'm from on the east coast baseball is called Chicago

  4. There is a game called 123 where I’m from, one person takes one hit, keeps it in then the next person takes two, and keeps it in, then the next person takes three and holds all of them In and ur not allowed to exhale at all, the first person to cough loses

  5. I won in baseball with 8 homies shit was tough 😂

  6. 2:18 we say "i got b's" to say i got second or c's for 3rd

  7. we did the inhale one and my lungs are still burning

  8. Great video man, im on ps4 too if you wanna add me? What games do you play?

  9. Its called traffic lights bruddaaaa

  10. Ever heard of jammin? You take a hit every time Bob Marley says “jammin” in his song “jammin” 🔥

  11. We play baseball with 3 rounds of 5 tokes

  12. Instead of marco polo cheech and chong

  13. here is a really fun game:
    if your smoking in the crip while playing games every goal you get or 3 or how ever many you want to do you smoke a bowl or have to hit a blunt or joint. this also works where when you score you have to hold the smoke in until your next goal

  14. baseball? in germany its called turkish round

  15. I absolutely fucking HATE Marco Polo I used to get sooooo mad when my boyfriend would spark up a blunt and then yell Marco and his bitch ass friends would get the blunt next even though I’m his girl. So my friend group has a rule where you pass it to your significant other before anyone else

  16. Baseball where I’m from is called Chicago

  17. You should put fortnite gameplay in the next vid, just a thought 🤔

  18. Thanks for the new way of smoking

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