Sword Art Online Integral Factor English: SAOIF Prologue manga!!!

Latest news on Sword Art Online:Integral Factor English!!!

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  2. What if i could Change the Outcome of SAO huh well Duh That's The whole Damn reason i Downloaded this game in the First place So that we don't have to watch Diavel or The MoonlitBlackCats Died like a Bunhca Fucking Pussies So that we Can Beat AkihikoKayaba's Sorry Ass for Ourselves Because Destiny can Go suck a Motherfucking Dick!!!

  3. Want more 😀 i love this

  4. they should make a anime about the main protagonist

  5. There should be a Manga of saoif

  6. What is the name of the main character?(the partner of koharu)

  7. our character looks edgy as hell
    one like = our character should be the next main protagonist in the next seaon

  8. I thought we already knew kirito during the beta test… Based on the game I played

  9. whats the name of all song in the video?

  10. The manga main guy looks kinda bland.
    Prefer my assassin looking guy WAY better.

  11. So I got the wrong look of the character.

  12. Man is there any more

  13. 00:16 what bgm please ?

  14. Whoa…wait this isn't cannon ???….I mean this isn't a proper manga ?…….then what is it?….a fanart?

  15. Ah nice! The game is good as well, btw where to read the manga of SAO IF? Been searching anywhere but havent found any 😂

  16. Who the protagonist name ? :v

  17. I kinda wish that this became a full fledged manga!

  18. What is the name of the song on 1:56 minute ?

  19. Hi! How can I get blue coins?

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