The Beauty in Video Games (Short Film)

Warning: Contains Spoilers to some video game campaigns.

This film is meant to encapsulate not only the beauty in visuals that many modern games boast, but the complete immersion we the players feel when transported into these powerful stories which convey true to life emotions and provide an escape for so many people – regardless of their graphics.
This film is dedicated to my youth and to all others who have been blessed by video games.

Director: Daniel Kaczkowski

Additional Animation and CG: Nicole Hawkins

“First Step” by Hans Zimmer
Transcribed by Kyle Landry:

Arranged by Daniel Kaczkowski:

“Where Is My Mind” by The Pixies
Transcribed by Maxence Cyrin:

Performed by Daniel Kaczkowski:

Editor: Daniel Kaczkowski

Sound Designer: Daniel Kaczkowski

Special Thanks to:
Isaiah White

Nicole Hawkins


Satoro Iwata
Shigeru Miyamoro

Not Credited:
Rainbow Six: Siege
Halo: Reach
Halo 4


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  1. 4 years later and when I watch this it almost brings a tear to my eye. Good job Daniel.. you finally made it where you wanted to be.

  2. For all those who are ashamed of play a particular game:

    It doesn't matter if the game is old or dead.
    You are going to have fun at the end of the day.

  3. 4 years later and I still remember watching this video like it was yesterday. Still my favorite video of all time. Fantastic work.

  4. 16th time watching this
    Still impresses me

  5. where his career started, now he’s making movies and edits on the big screen :’)

  6. Had to come back after 4 years and watch…. thank you GameGandhi. Miss you.

  7. Who’s watching to remember the good times whilst in quarantine??

  8. Cant believe its been 4 years since this masterpiece was uploaded.

  9. had to unlike and like again so this could be at the top of my likes again

  10. the nostalgia of this video hits a lot now. 2016 was a good year

  11. Wow…..

    You should have put mirrors edge in here would have looked so good 😊

  12. I come back watchiong this all the time makes my heart pound and my eyes tear

  13. Finished bioshock infinite today and this video was on my mind. Thank you.

  14. its been three years and i still come back to watch this masterpiece. Like if you've watched this in 2020!

  15. Rip the red house rip just formula things rip gameGandhi

  16. This film still is one of the best things ive ever got to see on YouTube

  17. Beautiful videogame Flame in the Flood. Both the soundtrack and animation

  18. League of legend never gets the Attention it deserves other than that I loved the video.

  19. Thanks for making my day so many times throughout highschool with your videos, all of them have had an impact on me positively, hope you are happy in life and doing what brings you joy

  20. It's now 2020, and I can say this was the best video ever made of the last decade

  21. this video still hits me so hard. i know you’re not around much anymore, but i appreciate you Daniel. Thank you for all of the memories you’ve given me.

  22. Will forever be my favorite video on youtube

  23. Its like my life flashed before my eyes. Makes me tear up every time. If it wasn’t for some of these games I don’t know if I’d be alive. Thank you for this.

  24. So, Daniel, this is my second time commenting on this video. Three years later and this video still sends chills up my spine. I watched “Interstellar” for the first time ever. And upon hearing the score, I immediately remembered this video. Just know that, three years later, this video is cemented into my memory, and who knows how many others as well! Crazy to think that a 3 year old video can stick into people’s minds. Hope you’re happy with what you’re doing right now and succeeding, if you ever see this, keep being great.

  25. Where is the part when WoW is in this video? Cant see it anywhere, just in the credits :/

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