The BEST Nintendo DS Game Money Can Buy!?

520 in 1 Game:
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US –

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  1. Problem with this game is that it is illegal…

  2. I mean who cares if it’s not legal atleast it has 500 games maybe not legit but it’s legit the same as the legit ones

  3. This is what’s known as a flash card. It’s some trippy shit

  4. probably has a timer bomb in it

  5. Wtf, this guy don't know about R4 in freaking 2018???? 🤔🤔🤔 Jesus Christ…

  6. I have that one of those Realistic Cassette Players

  7. These were designed for brazil :V))))))))

  8. So its an acekard (im guessing by the ace3ds on the menu) that moves the 3/2ds into "ds mode" to play roms?

  9. If your memory card gets erased by chance you can reinstall the firmware from here:

  10. Never seen a DS flash cart before?

  11. This is how I played games when I was a kid

  12. New super Mario bro’s won’t let you save unless you beat a castle or buy a mushroom house for star coins.

  13. The dashboard looks cool, other than that it's just like any other R4 card

  14. well, my r4 was actually a fake r4, it works and it costs me like 14 pounds, it helped a lot ultil i get 3ds games for my 2ds

  15. Okay, so that thing is basically a R4 NDS/3DS? I remember using them back when I still had my NDS and 3DS, really good times..
    I don't know how much amount of money I've saved by using them.
    And I can tell all the games listed in it are all just nds/3ds game roms downloaded from various websites

  16. I had the 36 in 1 and I hated it because after a while your save data would corrupt on games. I lost so many pokemon on diamond because of this.

  17. bro I got one of these things at a swap meet. not this specific one but it had like 700 or something. some of the games made everything crash (curse you, diddy kong racing), but overall, it was the best thing ever back then.

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