The Best / Ultimate Multi Game Cartridge for the NES…… ???

Duo Multi Game Cartridge that contains over more then 800+ Games. Only weird thing is… it’s haves 2 collection 1 one cart.

Where to find ??

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  1. Don't forget to join the Gaming Family ! –

  2. Would a game genie work with this cartridge?????????

  3. Finally cartridge who hasn’t double games on it. I think well worth it.

  4. how does this compare to the Cool Baby?

  5. Thanks for the review man 👌 was there any trouble keeping the games going without it glitching?

  6. Buyer be aware: I ordered 2 and the seller only sent one. I had to go through Aliexpress' buyer dispute system to get partial refund. It is still in process and not finished. Seller could have sent one immediately but didn't even after I messaged the seller about it. It is strange.

  7. Holy hell!!! That's some collection there!!! Metroid!, Trojan?!! And even the Wizard & Warriors Trilogy!!! Beyond EPIC!!! I wish there was a NES Famiclone console with this game collection!!!!! 😛

  8. but overrall it seems a good option

  9. the music sounds a little slow

  10. It needs a way to press a button to toggle Favorites on the games list…

  11. I also like the Ninja Turtle mult-cart. It's a green cart featuring the Turtles. It has 500 NES games.

  12. I played Trojan alot as a kid. It's a fun beat 'em up.

  13. Damn i need this cart asap

  14. Where can I pick one up I really need this awwwww

  15. Realy nice multicart… indeed good games on it

  16. Is it just me or the game music is kinda running slow?

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