The Cannibal Cafe ? Murder or Volunteer? MurderMystery&Makeup a Grwm|Bailey Sarian

What was the Cannibal Cafe ?Murder or Volunteer? MurderyMystery&Makeup a Grwm|Bailey Sarian

Armin Meiwes Documentary :

Watch The Woman Hannibal Lecter – Katherine Knight :

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Hi Friends Happy MONDAY !
Hope your day is off to a good start. Today I wanted to talk about Armin Meiwes and what the hell was going on over there, I mean he was trying to cook sausage and eat it, I mean, yep he did that.
Let me know what you think down below, did he REALLY deserve the sentencing he got if someone WILLINGLY participated ? Weird case right ? Least he’s vegan now, that’s good.
Hope you have a wonderful day today, make good choices and let me know who you want me to talk about next week ! Also stay tuned for a recap.
Love and appreciate you guys so much!! Please be safe out there.
x o
Bailey Sarian

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  1. Maybe don’t eat while watching this one..?

  2. Hello, I just found your channel and it’s the perfect one for me! Two of my favorite things combined, true crime and make up. Bless u ❤️

  3. He was such a gentleman…. All things considered.

  4. Rammstein made a song based on this crime story called "mein teil"

  5. i think two consenting adults can do whatever they want and its no one elses business…

  6. No one:
    Nobody at all:
    Nobody ever in history:
    Wattpad: this story

  7. Unique idea for content. Interesting story. So many freaky people in this world.

  8. But he didn't want to take anyone who wasn't willing to die. So, is that really a crime? Lol

  9. 🤢🤢🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮 sickening

  10. I love your Monday videos it's llike your my soul sista

  11. It's funny. This stuff is more interesting then like.. everything else

  12. On ur last vid u spelled cannibal as Hannibal

  13. Rammstein did song about him – Mein Teil 😉

  14. I know this video is a year old, but i just wanted to say the website is still up, and his posts can be found. He went under a different name.

  15. I just discovered your channel because of my sister and I am so glad i did checkout your channel😊

  16. I idolize you. I’ve been watching you for awhile and I can’t stop.

  17. I don’t think he deserved the life sentence, more than 8 years but not life, I think they both had issues and within their heads they did what made them “happy”

  18. well i mean… consent is important🤷🏽‍♀️

  19. I feel like this was the website the cannibal cop used 🤔. (If you haven’t watched the mini series I highly suggest it)

  20. Remember when Hannibal had ole boy eat his brain…yeah

  21. Ok I’ll say it, I bet he saved a lot of money on groceries 😂🤷🏼‍♀️

  22. Wow. I feel like I’m watching myself. I love that I’m not the only crazy person that talks to themself while doing makeup or even listening to a podcast. You’re seriously the voice in my head I use when I talk to myself. 👀💀

  23. I swear i heard about this before. Like while it was happening

  24. This look is amazing! That lip is insane on you!

  25. This is probably the only case where I'm more worried about what on earth the victim was thinking and that he wanted to do this willingly.

  26. Bloodbath made a song about this called eaten

  27. Anyone else though about Armin Arlet?

  28. I don’t think he deserved life in prison. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  29. I just found you! And have started bulk watching lol.
    I’m pretty sure there was a movie that was loosely based off of this. Grimm love.

  30. I would say no actually, home boy literally agreed to being eaten. Instead I would say he would be institutionalized in some way other than prison.. Like.. Put into a psyc ward

  31. I was eating ribs while watching ☹️🤣

  32. but like what happened to the wife? i know they were getting a divorce but still was she like cool! my husbands gone and i haven’t seen him i a while?

  33. He didn’t really respect Brandes wishes tho like… he tossed the skull into the ground lol. Brandes wanted his skull to be an ashtray come on now Armon!

  34. what a horrible time for my stomach to growl … even though this makes me feel sick

  35. Red flag 🚩 on my google search too girl! Thanks ❤️

  36. Love your vids just to may ads

  37. His last name is pronounced like My-vess.

  38. Absolutely love this series !! 😍

  39. Some people just shouldn't be parents

  40. hes politely eating people

  41. Ok this is going to sound crazy buuuut if both parties were consenting 🤷🤷🤷

  42. I did not even know this was an option for GRWM! Why would I go back to a normal channel now when I can get educated?!

  43. Wait the fact that he was so polite threw me off 😂

  44. was i the only one who thought he was gonna eat his mom?

  45. Bruh how can he have more respect than other guys

  46. Looks like Jeffrey Dahmer with long hair I bet if she put aviator glasses on they would be twins are you sure he died in prison…🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😳😳☠☠👿

  47. We love a cannibal who needs consent 😂

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