The Last of Us – All Gone (No Escape) Game Version Extended

This is the in-game version that we heard during the hospital escape level. The music is so emotional that I extend it beyond what we heard from the game itself. Hope you guys like it.
Original length (short) version available here:

This song is my personal edit of Gustavo Santaolalla’s composition of All Gone (No Escape) for The Last of Us soundtrack. I intentionally edit the composition to match with the one heard in the game. I only have the original soundtrack, I have no copyright over it or whatsoever, so pls buy the original soundtrack and support the author!

In-Game Version of Giraffe Scene:

In-Game Version of Intro :

-uploaded in HD at


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  1. Absolutely beautiful extended version of the song.
    I'm actually welling up with tears a little bit thinking back to the hospital scene where Joel's carrying Ellie, trying to escape the soldiers.

    My favourite game of all time.

  2. Rougan Jameel Presto

  3. Joel really did save the world that day. A man who has everything taken from him, his daughter, his world as he knew it, his morals, his dignity, his faith in humanity and life itself.

    But on that day, he proved as someone so jaded, ruthless, cold, and hardened by what his world forced him to become, could open his heart and learn to love again, proving life is more than just surviving the trials it has. He saved his soul, and in turn, restored the soul of the monstrous world itself.

  4. I’m just going to pretend a sequel didn’t happen.

  5. This music always in my head idk y

  6. Joel may be dead, but at least he can see his daughter💚💙🙏🏼🙏🏼

  7. I cannot listen to this and try not to cry 😭😔🙅‍♂️

  8. (dont catch feels dont catch feels…don-)

  9. Neil Druckmann ruined te game, ruined the music too. i never forgive him.

  10. Fucking vibe and tears everytime

  11. I just realized this sounds a lot like Final Hours from Majora's Mask

  12. This is where I come to cry

  13. 1:03 Tartarus… the prophets have betrayed us..

  14. This song carries such a powerful emotional weight. Grief, desperation, hope, sacrifice, and moral ambiguity are all conveyed in this one song. The perfect melody for a broken father making his last stand in order to save the one thing he cares about above all else: his second chance at having a daughter.

  15. This song makes me think of Jackson being burned to the ground, and Joel Tommy, Maria, and ellie watching in grief, because ot was overrun by clickers, and the spores made it uninhabitable.

  16. Imagine if you're about to go to heaven but god said:
    "You stupid, old man"

  17. this make me sad because I remember the final hospital scene whit this song 🙁

  18. This song represents how we all feel.

  19. “Think about all the lives…”

  20. a moment of silence for Joel <3 rip

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