They Made a Futurama PS2 Game?

Did you know they made a Futurama game for the PS2? I seriously had no idea. Watch me play it in this video!



End Music: Yotam Perel – Upstaging
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  1. This looks like the worst kind of adventure game where literally every death is due to sloppy mechanics. This is the kind of game I never finish lmao

  2. I played the first level thousands of times when I was 6

  3. Emulated are not illegal but using rom with out emulation i ilegal

  4. That dude? He’s Scruffy. The janitor.

  5. 5:22 when she says she's on her period

  6. 0:36 French people:Je naim pas le eauf!

  7. Tamago can you play the Family Guy Back to the Multiverse game for a video soon

  8. me and my brother used to played this game as kids until the disc was broke

  9. You didn't free nimbler

  10. Hey man i know its late but coud you possibly send me the links for the emulator and the game i really want this game soo bad please man

  11. Their were cheats for it that let you skip levels

  12. Wow I completely forgot I played this as a kid

  13. This was the last PS2 Game I ever played before that broke in 2015. I miss the PS2 and the Games that came with it.

  14. This was one of the most bullshitty games I had ever played. The Mars level for Leela was trash

  15. "Keycard from where, Bender– I mean, Homer– I mean, Fry?"
    That cracked me up so damn hard! Lmao!

  16. I can’t tell if you were joking about not knowing Scruffy, because of the running joke in Futurama, or if you actually dared to forget about Scruffy


  18. I love the amount of memes.

  19. The game looks really good omg

  20. I know I am late but

    0:54 No, Emulators are not illegal. Without them, backwards compatibility would not be a thing, nor would we be able to play old DOS games like DOOM. So long as you legally obtained that copy, you can use it however you wish for whatever you wish, so long as you do not make more copies to give or sell.

    It is Piracy that is illegal, totally different thing.

  21. I know I'm late, but why didn't you try and break the boxes in the sewer to try and find a health power up?

  22. the neighbors is smashing that D button XD

  23. 4:11 "Scruffy. The janitor."

  24. I didn't hear of this game until somewhere between 2008 and 2010 and I'm a huge Futurama fan

  25. What is your emulator and what is it settings

  26. M8, what emulator are you using?

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