This Mod Will Make You Want to Play Fallout 4 All Over Again – Fallout 4 Mods – Week 87

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Game Configuration Menu

Project Valkyrie

General Todd Howard Statue

Ghouls Revamped



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  1. Todd Howard has proven himself lazy with Fallout 4! And don't mention Fallout 76, this trash! The fact that I have to mod a game to death is evidence of Todd's lethargic process! It just works? I doubt it! Todd… it's time someone knocked you off your ill-gotten throne!😠

  2. 9:45 Oh no. Is that… UNIMMERSIVE TOILET PAPER?!

  3. I'm literally binge watching all of your videos man, fucking hilarious

  4. Lmao “I review big tiddies for a living”

  5. What about a statue of Todd Howard taking it in the ass! Thats what he deserves after putting out a dogs shit game like Fallout 76!

  6. this guy is so fucking unfunny, like no one can think that funny sexy boobie joke for the 10000000000000th time could be entertaining in any way shape or form right?

  7. it is on STEAM!!!! are u blind ? xD just kidding

  8. someone should make a Todd Howard or John Wick Companion

  9. i like my cute ghouls 0/10 for first mods

  10. 0:16 im watching this video because fallout 76 is already on steam

  11. MxR: fallout 76 is never gonna be on fallout 76?! WHAT?!

    2020: inhale W R O N G!

  12. bro pause maxson was only like 10 when they took adams airforce base this bitch got knocked up by a lil kid

  13. What's the walking animation mod ?

  14. 7:45 …is that a Kenan&Kel joke?:0


  16. there's somthin called the Cheat holotape (I think) so beat that GCM

  17. i installed f4se and game configuration menu but when i go in game it doesnt show up

  18. jokes one you ive been subbed for like 5 or 6 years lol

  19. Kneel before General Todd Howard!

  20. "I don't need robo-slewts." "Who are you and what have you done with MxR?" 😛

  21. "Did you ever want to know what 100% invisibility felt like?"


  22. If it works the way you describe it that would be badass! I wanted a way to be able to save all 3 but it didn't really exist..
    But now!

  23. I got Project Valkyrie just so I could do more as Director and I'm about to commit Seppuku because its insane with everything. It all just kinda happens out of nowhere I didn't bother getting Fusion City because it didn't say I needed but you also do because EVERYONE FUCKING TALKS ABOUT IT LIKE IT'S DIAMOND CITY OR SOME SHIT AND EVERYONE'S BEEN THERE.

  24. The ghoul mod makes them look more like fo3’s ghouls.

  25. sigh remember when todd howard was god howard, instead of fuck you howard?

  26. Lmfaooo. The music and the bat beating scenes were on point…! 😂😭🤣💯☠️☠️☠️

  27. Just casually zooms in on Hancock’s di-

  28. Don't want to be a dick but this youtuber is really childish and obnoxious. Sorry.

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