Threadripper 1950X vs i9 7900X Benchmarks! $1000 CPU BATTLE!

Threadripper 1950X vs i9 7900X Benchmarks! $1000 CPU BATTLE!
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  1. i found that threadripper on PCPartPicker for $150 wtf?

  2. Intel fans: But But But it's bigger so it's no fair.

  3. Over two years later …
    the 10-core i9 is still $969
    and the 16-core Threadripper can be had for only $443
    (as of July 27, 2019)
    (note: prices subject to change due to market availability)

  4. Games have been using 6 plus cores for a long time. 4 cores would actually hurt performance with some games…

  5. what test bench is that?

  6. I know clock speed and single core performance is big in Premiere, but there is a lot more to it then just the export

    there is also the render, and time line performance

    I would love to see a video on the new Core i9 with hardware acceleration encoding that supports the build in quick sync


    AMD Threadripper 2950x with NVENC ( Voukoder ) to use the Nvidia GPU for the hardware acceleration encoding on the export.

    and we can settle the question once and for all

  7. Intel less cores and not far behind and still wining in single thread. Intel for ME.

  8. If i could afford the Threadripper i would damn sure have one!!!

  9. Still I use intel core i3 3.3Ghz

  10. but Intel is the best!

  11. I've been with AMD since the K6-2 and I ain't changing anytime soon so I'd go for the Threadripper.

  12. Nice comparison.. although now the 1950x can be had for closer to $500 and the 7900x is still just shy of $1000.. so for half the price and in most cases better performance.. it's a no brainer.

  13. Hello Threadripper 1950X, goodbye Intel

  14. For those that are not very familiar with the product identifier, I kept trying to figure out which one is the Intel i9 results. 1950X or 7900X does not mean anything to those that are not familiar with the product. Come on Paul, be a little more discreet. I was watching this video with my forehead.

  15. This is a real benchmark and comparison video!!! thank u so much!

  16. His eyes penetrate your soul.

  17. 1% I’m gonna get Threadripper!
    99% $1000? Fuck.

  18. Wait, amd is cooler than intel ?

  19. One of the few sponsor links I actually clicked on

  20. I would build a PC and I think AMD is better option because it is a lot cheaper and performance is almost the same

  21. You should redo this benchmark with the updated Nvidia drivers which provider a 50% gaming performance boost. Perhaps do a direct comp of the i9-9900k to burst Intels bubble and show everyone that AMD TR is still king.

  22. So why is there a i7 Core box at 0:56 if he is testing the i9 Core?

  23. hold on lemme reboot my PC so I can play a game….the damn thing doesn't really "demolish" anything, its a hair better on some tests. AMD is always lackluster.

  24. Hello everyone, my name is Eduard and I'm looking for donations, it's a campaign about getting a computer to edit videos of disabled people doing theater and music.,44-4335d9613eb449f8&pc=ot_co_campmgmt_w

  25. i usually need to do high resolution renders for ads and architectural visualization and office Computer configuration is : HP Workstation ( but for my home i assembled my computer due to price.. i wud say Hp workstation is reliable but in some tricky situations my assembled computer works better.

  26. So small test's preview window and so big your own made graph…

  27. Something is wrong, in the video shows an i9 7900X this model has 10 cores and 20 threads, 16 cores and 32 threads is i9 7980XE line EXTREME

  28. Boringgg!!!!!… Linus explained is much fascinating..

  29. So what you're saying is that i9 failed on almost all of your benchmark tests. Hmm. But somehow I still see Intel staying in business and doing quite well with their Core CPUs. So what's the catch? I think something is missing from your review.

  30. When intel felt the stress via AMD they started to release random CPU's and reduce the prices but even though they can't beat AMD Ryzen's

  31. “16 cores”. Never believe AMD when they claim to have high core counts.

  32. If you want a Pc with inbuilt Oven than go for AMD .

  33. Well i have intel, and i prefer it. I dont see the reason to upgrade to AMD before i get a new build. Its good to finally have a choice between so many good cpus

  34. Why do people test workstation class hardware with a bunch of crappy games & synthetics.
    People on workstations do actual work & not piss around all day.
    Relevant workstation class software would be nice, like some CAD/CAM or engineering visualization & physics particle modelling.

  35. Unless your running a workstation its totally pointless to use these

  36. Half these benchmarks cant thread out to 32. Adobe at the time was limited to like 18 threads total. Blenders been updated and the 1950X dominates it now. NUMA/UMA plays a huge difference too. UMA seems to give leaps in performance for older software.

  37. Why 7900X looks like someone chew on it?

  38. Why the hell you use $1000 processor for Full hd gaming? How dumb is that?

  39. I need a pc to work with 3DS max, maya and photoshop. What should i choose ???

  40. Ryzen 1950X is better for rendering not so great for gaming

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