Top 10 Saddest Game Soundtracks Of All Time (HD)

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Here We Go Damn This Took A While.. Well Anyway worth It… Presenting you The Saddest Game Sountracks/Osts Of All Time These are my favs and people’s.. How? Because I Had To look All Over the Darn Youtube And To Comments to See What Individuals Actually like So It took time but here we go Sadly i could not put the Final fantasy Zaharkhand I Really really wanted to but there just wasn’t enough epicness in it but that one is really good go hear it! 😀 Alright So List-

1. Find out! Click it And play it. (27:07-28:41)
2.The Walking Dead – Alive Inside (24:48-27:05)
3. Metal Gear Sold 4 – Enclosure (21:49-24:44)
4. The Last Of Us – All Gone/Aftermath (20:39-21:43)
5. Halo 3 – Never Forget (17:31-20:35)
6. Mass Effect 3 – An End Once And For All (14:38-17:27)
7. Max Payne 3 – Cello (10:43-14:34)
8. Dead Island – The Trailer’s Theme (07:48-10:37)
9. Alien Vs Predator 2010 – End (02:48-07:44)
10. Bioshock 2 – Pairbond (00:16-02:41)

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All Content Completely Belongs To The Composers Of These Master Pieces And Respectful Owners Of The Soundtracks I Do not Own Any Profit from these They Belong To Their Creators.


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  1. Father Of All Sound Tracks Is Max Payne 3!!!

  2. dead island for sure. crying every time, especially if you saw the trailer. It’s been so long but oh well I‘m still coming back to this song when I‘m sad.

  3. I cried harder than Kruppstahl!

  4. Best music for reading Berserk

  5. That’s Why I Love To Go To The Game Main Menu To Listen The Song

  6. My opinion mass effect 3 is saddest

  7. Where the hell is Far Cry 3?

  8. i think Kjell s theme from Bf4 deserves a top 5 spot

  9. final hours of majora mask… where are you?? T.T

  10. Max Payne's theme is just fucking depressing it's just sad and full of furry full of rage

  11. Wasn't expecting the avp game to hit me like that

  12. …..

  13. I hearing music from dead island in movie the amityville murders

  14. The Walking Dead is a true masterpiece for being a sad Soundtrack

  15. 1-2💔💔💔💔💔💔


  17. not good selection. Brother a tale of two sons should be the number one saddest music

  18. only max payne series is true sad

  19. The Walking Dead is the most incredible series I have ever playes. Fantastic gameplay but always sad endings. I am sad they didn't even finish the last season 🤧😪 R.I.P LEE

  20. Its max payne 2 sounstrack not max payne 3

  21. Games in general is just an amazing experience. And I love it

  22. All the comments here are like true facts but I can't like them because it's like from 4 years ago


  24. A lot of people are going to hate on me for this but I think the walking dead is a better game than the last of us

  25. Isn't Assassin's Creed Revelations Ost For Life and death sad ? For me its the most saddest.

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