Top 10 Video Game Bosses You Don’t Want to Kill

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Top 10 Video Game Bosses You Don’t Want to Kill
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Surely there’s some other way?! Welcome to and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Video Game Bosses You Don’t Want to Kill. In this video we’ll be looking at characters we just didn’t want to see go. We’ll be looking at games such as Dark Souls, The Witcher 3 and Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater.

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List Entries and Rank:
#10. Bloodwing
#9. Bunson the Hot Dog
#8. Heath
#7. Milleuda Folles
#6. Keira Metz
#5. Any Boss
#4. Sif, the Great Grey Wolf
3, 2 & 1: ???

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  1. I’m terrified of mojo now because of that no hit sans

  2. The Masked Man aka Claus (Mother 3)

  3. still bitter about killing sif.

  4. In terms of a specific character in undertale it should be papyrus

  5. You have to realize tho that wanderer was only trying to bring back someone he cared about, something most people would do, you must also remember that he was scammed by the unknown entity and was tricked and fooled to kill 16 mostly peaceful gigantic creatures and was forcefully consumed by the dark aura he Technically HAD to consume, “Getting what he deserves” is not a really accurate way to put it but I’d say it’s kindof there fault so that is somewhat true. Still you have to look at both sides of the picture even if it’s just a video game character.

  6. I new papy would be here. When I clicked fight I started crying cause I had already seen what happens next.

    I would put papyrus at number 1if I made the list.

  7. I played Metal Gear Solid 3 times and i cried every time i need to shoot her. It so depressing.

  8. I guess they never played Mother 3, Megaman X4, DanganRonpa V3, Cave Story…

  9. Boris from bendy should be here

  10. Iris, Xion, Roxas, Red, Gate, and Klaus weren’t even honorable mentions, but a fucking Yoshi boss got in?


  12. BMW M3 GTR in Need for speed Heat.

  13. One's more i heard from you "you gonna hve a bad time", Then you gonna have much worse time!!

  14. I'm surprised I didn't see the hollow Knight in this. The battle was pretty sad

  15. If I had known that you would absorb all the negative energy from the Colossus, turn to the dark side, and have to be put down in the end, I wouldn't have killed them myself.

  16. You mean literally all the bosses from shadow of the colossus

  17. Sif is even sadder if you play the DLC first

  18. Sif looks like the mascot for Pokemon Sword.

  19. * Papyrus… Do you want anything?

  20. What about Hope from Assassins Creed rouge?

  21. Mutant Kyle Swartz from South Park the fractured but whole

  22. The boss ocelot they didn't deserve to die

  23. Wait Roxas (KH2FM) and Doctor Octopus (Spider-Man PS4) are missing

  24. Walter from fable 3 man that one was sad

  25. I feel like Felicity from Borderlands Pre-sequel would have fit well on this list. She wasn't in the game much, but she made enough of an impact to make me feel like crap when I had to destroy her.

  26. number 1 for me is Kain in Legacy of Kain

  27. I love how they had to put every undertale character.
    That's how emotional their deaths are lol.
    Hello i love that game

  28. I enjoyed killing the colossi: The Boss is number one for me.

  29. I'll be honest Dark baymax should have been included Fuck you Riku Replica you have made us kill a beloved character

  30. Were was faith from far cry 5

  31. Ebrietas from Bloodborne

  32. Why was zeke from infamous 2 not on there when you beat the game in red lightning you and zeke are looking at each other till you have to kill him or he shoots you

  33. Where's Xion from KH 385/2 Days?

  34. How is Angeal from FF Crisis Core not on this list? Former mentor and original owner of the buster sword? Zack’s best friend? The entire crying cut scene after? Seriously, c’mon!

  35. Where is Joker from batman telltale?!

  36. 1 and 2 need to be switched….. boss was the saddest boss death and always will be 🙁

  37. Lady Sif The Great Wolf from Dark Souls for obvious reasons especially if you did a certain DLC before completing the main story.

  38. Alex Mercer from Prototype 2. Sure he was a bad guy from a not as great game as the first Prototype, but he was AWESOME

  39. I know they're not Bosses, but I definetly don't want to kill the Big Daddies in Bioshock. I Always feel bad when I have to kill them first before saving the Little Sisters :'(

  40. Boss should be #1, PERIOD!!

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