Top 10 Videogames that are Chill AF

Top 10 Videogames that are Chill AF

These videogames games are relaxing as hell, soothing as heck, chill AF. Unwind with watchmojo as we calmly walk you through our picks for that games that are the most serene, peaceful, atmospheric, zen-like, laid back, calming, unwound, rested and yes, chill that we can think of as we sit here so blissfully. Whether you prefer to unwind with a Journey, take a swim in the Endless Ocean, enjoy a Harvest Moon in Stardew Valley, gaze at the artwork in Monument Valley, trip balls in Proteus, reach total cleanliness of the mind in Viscera Clean-up Detail, follow your own version of the Plan, or just play the Sims & Minecraft because you’re too busy for wordplay, we’ve got you covered here.

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  1. can ya'll do a free one-
    im broke ;,-;

  2. They made a new game form journey its called sky and its on mobile

  3. i think altos adventure is the most relaxing

  4. The Endless oceaan games are such amazing and underrated games so sad they're only on wii

  5. I don’t see flow in the App Store

  6. Harvest Moon: Tree of Tranquility for the Wii is truly relaxing. It's unfortunate that it is one of the only games in the series that has that level of soothing and that style to it. I can't think of any HM game that plays or looks like it. Let alone be it as soothing as ToT

  7. Ok but you forgot about astroneer

  8. Top 10 Video Games That Are Chill And Fun 😋

  9. I was hoping Bloodborne or dark souls was on the list

  10. Personally RiME is one of the most calming, esthetic games ever.

  11. I suggest doom eternal.

  12. Notice how Joja and Mojo are so similar to eachother? no, this is no coincidence

  13. Journey is definitely my favorite game. My companion was so chill

  14. They didn’t even add super Mario galaxy in honorable mentions that’s kinda sad

  15. Sakutwei voborba
    Papatino haha
    Yes i know dude

  16. Journey number five??!!! Come on at least top three. Sims no no no not relaxing at all.

  17. minecraft is chill

    Falls in the lava with 64 diamonds

  18. im sorry did you say sims is not stressful?

    literally i can't play that game without the house setting on fire, losing a baby, a crazy grandma killing someone, and someone getting kidnapped

  19. I think Abzu should have been there instead of Endless Ocean

  20. AER: Memories of Old would be a nice addition to this

  21. But what about the witness

  22. Sky would be #1 if they made a new version of this list

  23. This list is not complete. They forgot ta add League Of Legends TR Server (Bronze League)

  24. Cloud' is too intense for me.

  25. Osmos HD is to me the most relaxing game ever.

  26. I bought Stardew Valley and it’s curing my anxiety

  27. Tbh aside from all the killing assassin's Creed blackflag is a gorgeous and peaceful game. Same goes for death stranding

  28. I have found Limbo kinda relaxing.

  29. All of these r about survival T-T

  30. Another calm game is sky

  31. I suggest Himno as it is free to play and doesn't take much processing power

  32. Did u ever watch Abu the most greatest graphics and amazing relaxing exploring all names of fish/sharks/whales

  33. Where spore and his music?

  34. Stardew Valley doesn't get half the appreciation it deserves, to have been created almost entirely by one person, including its soundtrack. And to be a farming simulator. It's nice to see it in a top 10.

  35. Games: yey im exist
    Mineecraft: i will create dancing parrot

  36. But what about Gorogoa? It was't on the list.

  37. When I saw Journey I got so many flashbacks from Stampy

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