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Game: Unholy Sanctuary
Platform: PC/Windows
language: Eng,Jap
Video recording program:Bandicam
Creator: Unholy Productionhatahata

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System requirements:
CPU:Intel Pentium 2.4GHz



Nguồn: https://takeofftools.com/

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  1. I re-recorded the video several times, but the desync in the sound didn't disappear, when I tried to correct it in Vegas always endless rendering started, but I can assure you that there is no desynchron in the game itself.

  2. It looks like to me that this game creator copied Konami Castlevania(Akumajo Dracula).

  3. After I saved, I started in strange places ??

  4. 1st game of Unholy series btw, sadly Unholy Disaster is sucks in my opinion because bad protagonist design. Marianne and Constance still best design

  5. Nice video as always, love the way you handle all those enemies

  6. Leonora can You play Luna Nights? pls that is a good no hentai Game PC Touhou

  7. Выглядит не особо, когда есть куча проектов (показанных на этом же канале) которые гораздо интереснее

  8. Oh it looks like castlevania

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