We All Get New Boyfriends – The GameOverGreggy Show Ep. 103 (Pt. 4)

Mike Drucker is an amazing person that has us play a boardgame about high school love.

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Each and every Friday, Greg Miller, Colin Moriarty, Nick Scarpino, and Tim Gettys get together to talk. Each podcaster brings a topic to the table, and then, they go. TV, space, books, movies — anything goes.

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  1. For all girls who like boys 😆

  2. wish you guys would play this again lol

  3. What sociopath would dislike this

  4. I feel like Colin and Tim 1v1 eachother ATLEAST once a week in this…

  5. tim is so excited and I love it

  6. I want this game so badly but can't find a reasonably priced copy anywhere!!!! Looks like it never took off in the UK but I must have it!!!! 🙂

  7. Love how much fun Collin is having lol

  8. They should play Drunk Stoned or Stupid XD

  9. Colin was giggling like a schoolgirl throughout the video!!!

  10. This my be the single greatest episode of the show. U guys r funny as fuck, nick and Colin had me dying laughing.

  11. you guys need to play this again

  12. This has to be the best episode so far. I was literally crying on the floor at how much I was laughing

  13. Colin's shirt is rather awesome.

  14. Colin was laughing tons this episode, kept making me giggle over here too! love the contagious laughs!

  15. I think guys should play this every couple of months

  16. Had to come watch this segment because I only listen to the audio podcast. Was not disappointed.

  17. Hey… My name is Joel… I was born in '98. But I agree, I don't meet a lot of Joel's

  18. This gives me early 90's flashbacks to "The Babysitters Club", "Fearstreet" books and more.

  19. Anchovies are fucking fantastic.

  20. not even half way through and this is fucking great

  21. This section was delightful in audio form. It is, however, a masterpiece with video. Mike nails it once again.

  22. One of the funniest segments ever, Colin's giddiness was contagious.

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