Who should we date? Dan and Phil play Heart♡Throb!

“Choosing the man in your life has never been this much fun!”
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We play a hilarious dating game from the 90’s which is a big box of yikes ..but kind of a good game? When they announce the inclusive 2018 version with furries you can bet Dan will pre-order it.

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Nguồn: https://takeofftools.com/

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  1. Even in the thumbnail Heart Eyes Howell strikes again.

  2. 8:18 what the FUCK was that

  3. 90s heartthrob frosted tips and a middle part tigerbeat said he's off the charts

  4. Phil: Fast food freak? That person might have my heart..
    Dan: I’m a fast food freak.

    Been giving us hints all along.

  5. Phil: "Fast food freak" that person might have my heart
    Dan: I'm a fast food freak

  6. now we know why dan chose bobby huh

  7. I'm rewatching this 2 years later and as a jazz saxophone player I'm offended because Simon put the mouthpiece on backwards

  8. Monster in the middle at 8:20 👀

  9. 8:20 UM?! NANI!?!!

  10. I’ve been rewatching that’s videos because I miss dan and I tried to look up the game on amazon and it’s was 244 U.S dollars…

  11. dan and bobby- dobby is now my new OTP.

  12. Dan is such a gold digger I can’t-

  13. Just casually watching this in bed and 8:20 almost made me fall out of bed

  14. somebody needs to drop the guys @s lol

  15. Went to purchase this on amazon (for a friend) only to find that it is $250.00

  16. I also play the tuba. Richard is my band brother

  17. I wasn't expecting granny to pop up in the background I legit almost screamed!!!!!

  18. Mick reminds me of american psycho. Dan is right he has serial killer potential😩😩

  19. can someone tell me why this game costs 275$ on amazon

  20. This is just 17 minutes of them assuming everyone is a serial killer and I’m living for it

  21. My nicknames lemon… My dad calls me it cause yellows my fav colour and I always wear my bright yellow hoodie haha

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