Worst Games Ever – Little Britain: The Video Game

BRITAIN, BRITON, BRIE-TONNE. It is I, former Doctor Who portrayer and narrator of filth, TOM BAKER. Have you ever played a video game so fundamentally broken and terrible it made you want to jump off a bridge? I have. It was GREAT fun.

Thank you to Adam for sending us this dreadful video game!

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  1. Best anime video game ever!

  2. Isn't the 'GOOOOOOOOAL!' thing in the football game from that Alan Partridge world cup sketch?

  3. yeah, i definitely want, as my last wish, to subject my relatives to little britain the ps2 video-game.

  4. I brought this game for 50p not to play, but to sit on a shelf and make people angry

  5. Normally I watch these and go "well this game just seems worse than some", but this game very well might be the actual worst game ever.

    You equivocate a 0% score with a game that effectively doesn't start at all. I'd argue that would be an improvement in this case.

  6. The only thing I've seen with Matt Lucas in it is Polar. He was either terribly miscast, or just terrible. Half of that movie was an entirely embarrassing mess that felt like it was directed by Uwe Boll. The other half was merely ok. A bummer and sad waste of Mads Mikkelsen with an eyepatch.

  7. Is it bad I actually had this game 🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️

  8. The sorry argument is peak british

  9. Everyone make sure that you have subscribed to vidiots and triple jump both of ben and tiny Peters channels 🙂

  10. I think we can all agree David walliams and Matt Lucas did it better in come fly with me

  11. This game looks hilarious!

  12. Wait. Blast made a Thomas game??

  13. you guys explain little britain terribly. David walliams only regretted some jokes about tranvestites not the whole show itself and you said Marjorie dawes cant understand mire. NO! She pretends not to be able to understand her and it's funny! And don't say "but thats 2006 humour, that was funny in 206 hahaha". just fuck off. The channel name doesn't need the V at the start guys!

  14. Andys catchphrase is not "I fell" fucking hell! I can only think of one time he says that in the show

  15. This is the top 5 worst games ever

  16. i have completed this game and its challenges.. it is brutal and there is a hidden game which is mr mann and is a virtual recreation of the pirate memory game from the series, it consists of you pointing a cursor on a treasure map trying to match the pirates, oh and yeah the pirates talk in exaggerated camp accents, which kind of fits in with what they were going for in this game, it was not worth it at all.

  17. What an utterly miserable game.

  18. Peter the Quiter not nice

  19. I'm having flashbacks. I didn't even realise I had this game but apparently I did😶

  20. Michael Johnson made me rewatch this. Its his favourite Worst Game ever.

  21. “Alright David Beckham” So many years after that penalty and still hilarious 😂

  22. This show is horrifically painful to watch and this game even worse.

  23. i still like little britten

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