YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT | Cannibal Cafe

Welcome to the strangest sushi house you’ll ever visit!
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  1. You need to click space while having the knife out to perform a knife trick. It entertains the customers and keeps them longer

  2. This is my favorite version of Mark

  3. But how do you do the knife tricks?!

  4. Wait that’s the same font as Dr. Money from Presentable Liberty

  5. "No, don't make poop! What, am I eating this?"

    …Good to know your preferences, Mark..

  6. Ghouls favorite restaurant

  7. 👀👀👀👀

  8. once I browsed the dark web and found a site called cannibal Cafe

  9. If you liked this, play "EAT: The Revaluation" for 30-40 minutes 🙂

  10. Anyone knows the address of this place?

  11. I'm going to be in the U.S.A Army.

  12. Sick fucks should all be put down

  13. Cannibalism isn’t disturbing! Don’t judge me!

  14. „You are what you eat.“
    Me: chickenmode activated

  15. THERE IS A RUMOR IN A WEBSITE CALLED CANNIBAL CAFE,You give away your life to a real life cannibal,The website user sacrificed himself to the cannibals

  16. please tell me someone else recognizes this as a disturbing but just as relaxing version of Sushi Go Round

  17. I'm eating salt for some resin so that means I'm salty

  18. Anyone else come from Astrocreep?

  19. 3:44 how will you make the rolled without eyes or fingers?

  20. When you like your own comment

    And no one else does….

  21. I’m more concerned that the thumbnail has someone eating raw meat.

  22. Canibal Cafe is a dark web site of course on the dark web

  23. Band teacher: you are what you eat.
    Me: Isn't that cannibolism (?) ?

  24. "if you are what you eat, I could be you by tomorrow"


  25. I searched for cannibal cafe on youtube. I was expecting something completely different when I clicked on this video.

  26. This is like an exact copy of a burrito game I played once

  27. Alt title: overpopulation simulator?

  28. Vegans dont play tgis yamr

  29. You're supposed to press "F" for "flip" when holding the knife, silly.

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